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Jets' Edwards predicts victory over Bengals

New York Jets' Braylon Edwards celebrates after catching

New York Jets' Braylon Edwards celebrates after catching a 65-yard touchdown pass during the first quarter. (December 20, 2009) Credit: AP

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Waiting for the crash landing, Jets fans?

Well, for those who think the "win and they're in" scenario puts the Jets in perfect position for one of their typical crushing letdowns, Braylon Edwards has a little advice: relax.

The wide receiver didn't exactly pull a Joe Namath and use the word guarantee, but he did the next-best thing Wednesday. He said the Jets will make the playoffs because they're taking down the Bengals in Sunday night's regular-season finale at Giants Stadium.

"We won't lose this game," Edwards said, showing off Rex Ryan-like confidence. "We want it too bad. You can just talk to guys and get a feel. If you listen to Rex's conviction when he talks to us, guys are serious about winning this game. Guys aren't talking about New Year's Eve, guys aren't talking about family. All guys are talking about is playoffs, all guys are talking about is beating Cincinnati. So I'm convinced that this team is 100 percent in.

"So I don't think we can lose this game from the mind-set we have right now, the attitude we have. I just don't see it."

Since arriving from Cleveland on Oct. 7, Edwards has shown he doesn't mind voicing his opinion. But he spoke so passionately Wednesday partly because he never made the playoffs in his first four years in Cleveland.

Now, he can almost taste the postseason.

"This was one of the happiest things that I saw coming here - good football team, playoff-bound that would be in the hunt," Edwards said. "So being here, I'm definitely excited, I'm definitely happy that Mr. [Mike] Tannenbaum, Mr. [Woody] Johnson and Coach took a chance on me and brought me into this type of environment. Here we are in Game 16 and we have a chance to go to the playoffs."

Edwards said his excitement won't be tempered no matter how long the Bengals stick with their starters. There's a good possibility the Jets could play most of the game against backups, especially if the Bengals have no shot to move up to the third seed, which they'll know by kickoff.

"We could care less," Edwards said. "They can play their starters, they can bring back their Hall of Famers. We have to win this game, so it doesn't matter what they do. We are going to play our hardest, and we're going to beat them and get into the playoffs, and turn around and play them again.

"It's all about what we do, and we feel like we can do enough to win."

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