FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Mike Tannenbaum believes Jason Taylor will make a decision soon regarding the Jets, but the free-agent linebacker apparently isn't going to do so within the next day or so.

The Miami Herald reported Thursday that Taylor left the country for a preplanned family vacation to Costa Rica, and Taylor didn't plan on deciding his future until he returns Monday. The Jets, who reportedly have offered Taylor a two-year deal with a first-year salary of roughly $1.5 million, are waiting patiently for Taylor's choice.

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Taylor prefers to return to the Dolphins, but they have said they don't plan on addressing his status until after the draft, which begins next Thursday night. Tannenbaum thinks Taylor will have made up his mind by then. Either way, he doesn't want to impose a hard deadline.

"My expectations would be we would have that situation resolved one way or the other," the general manager said Thursday. "I'm not a big deadline guy, because what does that mean? Five minutes after the deadline, you're not interested. So I'm not a big deadline person - although when I proposed, I needed an answer pretty quick."