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Jets Q&A: How will struggling offense snap out of it?

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson stands on the field

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson stands on the field after an NFL game against the Falcons at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on Sunday. Credit: AP/Alastair Grant

How can the Jets fix their offense?

That’s what they will try to do during their bye week. Robert Saleh is a defensive coach, but he said he will sit down with offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur and figure out how to get something going.

The Jets had two three-and-outs to open the game and remain the only NFL team to not score a point in the first quarter. They have only one first-half touchdown.

"I’m going to work my tail off over this bye week and see if there’s something that we can come up with," Saleh said. "Study the tape. Look at all the decisions and execution and figure out what the answer is over this next week and come up with something, because it’s got to be better."

Saleh said LaFleur called "an aggressive game." It wasn’t an effective or efficient one, though. Zach Wilson has to take some of the blame for that. He was not sharp at all against the worst scoring defense in the NFL and had multiple bad throws in the short passing game.

"It’s a multitude of things," Saleh said. "We weren’t able to get going in the first half. Couldn’t get into a rhythm. But again, we have to start faster, and I’m putting that on me to try to figure this out over the next week."

What did Saleh think of the personal foul on Quincy Williams?

He thought the roughing-the-passer penalty was a bad call. It happened on the first series of the game, on third-and-9. Williams rushed Matt Ryan and hit him hard, but it didn’t seem to warrant a penalty. It led to a Falcons field goal.

"It’s not easy when a drive should have been over on third down," Saleh said. "I disagree with the personal foul, but we’ll see the tape."

When Saleh was asked what Williams is supposed to do in that situation, he said, "We’ll see it in slow motion, but it looked like he had his head to the side. He’s obviously full speed trying to get to a guy before he throws the ball. Right when he lands, he’s trying to roll up. As of now, I disagree with the call. But we’ll see when we get to the tape."

Where was the running game?

It was mostly nonexistent again. The Jets scored two rushing touchdowns from 1 and 2 yards, but they had 18 carries for 64 yards.

This system was supposed to be predicated on the run. The Jets have rushed for more than 66 yards only once in five games and entered this one ranked 29th out of 32 teams.

"We can run the ball," Saleh said. "It’s just a matter of sustaining drives so you can call more runs. When you run and run and run, eventually you’ll break one. It’s definitely something we got to be better at."

How did Denzel Mims play?

It was somewhat surprising that he was active, with Elijah Moore back from a concussion. The Jets had six active receivers and Mims caught two passes for 33 yards. He had only one catch coming into the game. Maybe the coaches can figure out how to utilize Mims more. The offense could use a spark.

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