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Jets Q&A: Jets feel dissed by Jaguars' late two-point try

Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams, shown here during

Jets defensive lineman Leonard Williams, shown here during the Miami game on Sept. 16, 2018, said after Sunday's loss to the Jaguars that Jacksonville disrespected the Jets by going for a two-point conversion with 25 seconds left in the 31-12 loss.   Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

What did the Jets think about the Jaguars going for the two-point conversion when they were up 19 with 25 seconds left?

Many Jets were either indifferent or said they would do the same, but Leonard Williams was not happy about it.

“I think it was really disrespectful,” Williams said. “The game’s already over. They already had the game in the bag. All they could have done is run the clock out at that point.

“At the same time, I think it’s up to us to gain that respect from other teams. If teams are disrespecting us, it must say something about us. That’s how I took it. I took it really personal and I didn’t like it at all.”

Linebacker Jordan Jenkins also didn’t like it.

“Whether it was a statement or not, we’ll never know,” he said. “But we won’t forget it.”

Jacksonville coach Doug Marrone said the Jaguars weren’t trying to send a message. He said he had some guys who were injured and he was following his chart.

“We had a lot of guys banged up on the PAT and field goal [unit],” Marrone said. “On the chart, it just said 19. On the chart, it said go for two. I’m one of those guys, I never try to take anything for granted in an NFL game, try to keep going, working the mechanics and doing it, so we just went for two.”

Why did Todd Bowles decide to go for the field goal with the Jets down 25-3 early in the fourth quarter?

Bowles was playing by his own scoring chart and getting points when he could.

“We needed a couple of scores, anyway,” he said. “We would have needed a field goal, so we had to come out of that with at least three points.”

Why did Bowles punt on fourth-and-6 from his own 20 with 4:33 remaining and the Jets down 13?

He was trusting his defense, which played better in the second half, to get a stop and believing his offense and special teams could make something happen after that. But it never happened. The Jaguars scored on that drive.

"We were backed up,” Bowles said. “If we don’t get that first down, they have a field goal [at least]. We figured get field position; if we could get a stop and score and have an onside kick.

“We were trying to get the ball back in better field position. Either way, we needed two scores. Had we went for it and not got it on fourth, it would have been three scores and the game would have been over.”

Why didn’t the Jets establish a running game?

That was part of their plan, but the Jaguars controlled the time of possession from the beginning. The Jets never got anything going.

Jacksonville’s first drive was 15 plays and 8:38. Their second was 12 plays, 6:59, and their third was seven plays and 2:59. It was 13-0 at that point.

“Considering they had the ball the majority of the first half, we didn’t have a chance to really establish anything,” Bowles said. “They stayed on the field way too long and we couldn’t get on the field in the first half.”

What was the problem offensively?

The Jaguars are a good defense and they mixed up coverages. Sam Darnold wasn't sharp, either. But wide receiver Quincy Enunwa was asked that very question and he paused for a long time before finally giving his answer, and he was frustrated.

“I think that we expected one thing and then got another,” Enunwa said. “I don’t call the plays. I don’t know.”

Enunwa was then asked about the play-calling, but he said he wasn’t upset with that.

“How do I get frustrated with play calling? I just do what I’m told,” he said. “I can’t be frustrated with play calling when there’s plays we left on the field.”

Enunwa included himself in there. He dropped a pass and later was called for unsportsmanlike conduct for spiking the ball after a long play that got the Jets in the red zone. But the penalty moved them back and they ended up kicking a field goal.

“That’s so dumb,” he said. “That’s so dumb. I know better than that.”

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