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Jets got charged up by LT's video

Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson on the sidelines.

Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson on the sidelines. Credit: Getty Images

Have you seen LaDainian Tomlinson's "Electric Glide" video? The Jets did. A lot. And they made sure to remind the Chargers running back about it early, often and after the Jets' upset win Sunday in San Diego.

Tomlinson, decked out in a white suit with a very 1980s low-budget background, did an original dance and rap video that Nike released virally last week. The video actually was made two years ago but didn't hit YouTube until now, coinciding with the Chargers on a roll going into the postseason.

The Jets noticed, making sure to tell Tomlinson about it during Sunday's game, then listening to the song on the flight home from San Diego after their 17-14 win, in which Tomlinson managed only 24 yards on 12 carries.

"That's something that motivated us all week, like he was already writing the 'Super Bowl Shuffle,' his version of the 'Super Bowl Shuffle,' " Shaun Ellis said. "That motivated us a little bit to make sure when he got the ball, he didn't get anything."

Bart Scott, who never misses a chance to chat on the field, sounded more like American Idol's Simon Cowell Monday.

"I thought it made the 'Super Bowl Shuffle' look like the best song ever written," Scott said. "I don't know why his publicist let him put that out. But I can get with the electric slide; I'm more down for 'Waving to My Mama.' But Mark [Sanchez] said it was terrible."

Scott had some advice for Tomlinson's next hip-hop effort. "If [Tomlinson] likes it, I love it. But at least get somebody to ghostwrite it," Scott said. "He's a pretty popular guy, Nike cleats and all that stuff. I thought maybe at least he could get Jigga [Jay-Z] to write him a hook."

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