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Jets likely a no-go on T.O.

Terrell Owens attends Game 2 of the NBA

Terrell Owens attends Game 2 of the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics at the Staples Center (June 6, 2010) Photo Credit: Getty Images

There are times in this business when things are floated out there that make little sense, things that make you scratch your head.

That was the case this morning when the world seemingly got turned upside down upon ESPN's report stating the Jets were "exploring" the idea of bringing in the ticking time bomb otherwise known as Terrell Owens. Really?  

Let's end the speculation now: Owens isn't coming to the Jets -- and he shouldn't be for that matter. Further proof comes from the Worldwide Leader, yeah the same outlet that initially reported the "news."

Look, for those who know GM Mike Tannenbaum well, the guy is always looking for ways to tinker with the Jets' roster. That's his M.O. I can't tell you how many times just in the last year alone the Jets have signed somebody no one has heard of and eventually released him weeks later after they've gotten a really good look at him.

Tannenbaum is always hopeful of finding that diamond in the rough.

But this does seem a little coincidental, doesn't? Barely 24 hours after the Rams made it clear they weren't interested in Owens, when it became a bit obvious the Bengals were the only team really pursuing him and had actually made him an offer, all of the sudden the Jets are thinking about bringing him in? Call me a skeptic, but that has Agent Negotiations 101, aka "Let's drive up the price to get what we want," written all over it.

Consider the Jets' current receiving corps and tell me where Owens is going to play? Is he going to take plays/reps/catches from Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes or Jerricho Cotchery? And don't forget about Dustin Keller, who's a receiver with a tight end's frame. Who's the odd man out? And don't give me that "he can take Holmes' spot while he serves his four-game suspension for violating the league's substance-abuse policy" stuff, either.

"I think we do have guys that can step up in the first four games that Santonio is going to miss," Cotchery said this afternoon on ESPN 1050's "McDonald and Tierney Show." I think we have guys on the roster than can step up and take charge in that role."

Couldn't agree more. Plus, what happens when Holmes returns in Week 5?

As silly as it may sound, the Jets have more than enough offensive weapons to get the job done -- without the headache Owens would provide. Brian Schottenheimer is already giddy with all the possible combinations.

"You think about, 'Boy, if I move this guy here, I can do that. Look at this personnel package,' " Schottenheimer told me last month. "I think that's one of the things that's fun this time of year as a creative coach. You kind of catch yourself daydreaming about if, 'Wow, I do this, I do that. Oh, that'd be a cool concept to put in for this guy.'

"Obviously, our philosophy and our scheme is pretty well laid out, but we feel like it's gotten a ton of flexibility with some of the new additions that we have. And we feel that we can tag certain things to our runs and passes to make it a little bit more difficult to defend."

Also consider, Mark Sanchez is about to enter his second season, one that carries large expectations. Does the QB really need such a me-first player who's never met a quarterback he didn't like to blame or call out chirping in his ear about, "They brought me here and they aren't using me right."

Sanchez already has to find a way to keep Edwards, Holmes, Cotchery, Keller and even LaDainian Tomlinson happy when he shoots out of the backfield on things like swing routes.

Lastly, consider what this kind of message would this send to the likes of Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, David Harris and any other player who feels the Jets need to show them the money. Owens likely wouldn't come cheap, and incorporating him into a close-knit locker room that's had a flurry of well-liked veterans jettisoned since February isn't the smartest of things to do from this perspective.

The Jets, with their upcoming date with HBO's "Hard Knocks" and the organization's Super Bowl-or-bust mentality, have enough on their plate to gobble down. They'd need a case of Pepto Bismol if they added T.O. to the menu, and that's why I can't see this move happening.

At all. 


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