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Jets looking for ways to rattle Peyton Manning

Thinking back on the Jets' 29-15 win at Indianapolis in Week 16, All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis admitted Colts quarterback Peyton Manning had the NFL's No. 1 defense "on edge" because he recognized so much of what they were trying to do despite their efforts to disguise it before leaving the game in the third quarter with a 15-10 lead.
"I think he was very relaxed," Revis said of Manning's demeanor.
At the same time, Revis added, "I think we didn't show him that much, though. I don't think they saw a lot, and we didn't blitz a lot. I guess Rex must have known where we were going to be at today. Now, when you look at this gameplan, we have a lot of things we're going to do to him. We hope to shake him up a little bit to where we can make plays on defense."
Maybe Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has more tricks up his sleeve, but he scoffed at the notion that the Jets held anything back against Indianapolis, knowing they needed a win to remain in playoff contention. Asked if he was conscious on Dec. 27 of a possible AFC championship rematch with the Colts, Pettine said:
"At that point, zero. We were in playoff mode that night. We weren't worried about tomorrow. It was the same way against Cincinnati [in Week 17]. We weren't worried about a Cincinnati playoff game. People asked if we were going to hold anything back, and the answer was absolutely not."
So, the challenge this week for Pettine was to find new ways to disguise the same coverages Manning saw just four weeks earlier. "I think we showed a decent amount [last time]," Pettine said. "One of the things we do is we switch things up each week, whether by personnel or by scheme. If a team gets a real good beat on what you're doing, you're in trouble.
"This group we're getting ready to play is probably the best in the league at dissecting a defense and understanding what they're going to get, what coverage, a certain front or who's on the field. That's critical for us is to make sure we vary things we've done in the past."

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