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Jets GM Mike Maccagnan says he is open to trading No. 3 pick in NFL Draft

Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan speaks during a

Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan speaks during a press conference at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Wednesday. Credit: AP/Michael Conroy

INDIANAPOLIS — Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan said any team interested in the No. 3 pick in the draft should give him a call, including the Giants.

The Jets are in an enviable position. They could keep their pick and take a defensive lineman or outside linebacker. But if a team is looking to move up to grab a quarterback, the Jets could turn the No. 3 pick into multiple assets. It’s available, Maccagnan said, for the right price.

“Right now we feel good at No. 3, but I’d definitely say if there’s an opportunity to trade down, we would absolutely look at it,” Maccagnan said Wednesday at the NFL Combine. “If we end up picking a player at three, we’ll feel really good. If there’s an opportunity for us to move back and acquire more picks, that’s something we’d definitely be potentially interested in.

“It would have to be the right kind of deal, but I definitely wouldn’t rule anything out at this point in time.”

Maccagnan made the big move last year, jumping from six to three to position the Jets to take Sam Darnold. The Giants have the No. 6 pick and need a quarterback to eventually replace Eli Manning. Ohio State’s Dwyane Haskins is the best one in this draft.

If the Giants or another team that picks after the Jets wants to move up to assure they grab that player, Maccagnan said he’s all ears.

“I think I would be open to any team,” he said. “As long as the trade made sense to us, there’s nothing that would stop us from doing that.”

The Jets gave up a lot to land Darnold, sending the No. 6 pick to the Colts, as well as two second-round picks last year and one this year for the No. 3 overall choice. Maccagnan wouldn’t mind recouping some of those picks to help fill the many holes on the roster. The Jets don’t have a second-round pick this year.

It’s no secret the Jets need an edge rusher and to revamp the offensive line.

If the Jets stand pat at No. 3, they certainly would address the defensive deficiencies. Ohio State’s Joey Bosa, Kentucky’s Josh Allen and Alabama’s Quinnen Williams likely would be on the Jets’ radar. But if they acquire additional picks, they could look for offensive line help. Maccagnan said the strength of the draft is on defense and the offensive line.

“Whatever we can do to help build the team in the vision we have for it,” Maccagnan said. “Sometimes having one player at three or multiple options if we move back with other opportunities, that would bode well for us.

“It’s a good spot to be in,” Maccagnan added. “It’s a good pick to have. It’s a very valuable pick. If there are teams that are up there looking to go chase a quarterback, I think we’re in a pretty good position to be in. I know there’s definitely three good football players in this draft. So if we have to sit there at three and pick a player we’ll be very happy with that, too.

“I don’t necessarily like how we got the third pick, but it’s a good pick to have.”

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