It isn't enough that the Jets' offseason has had the feel of a reality show. Now their preseason could become one. Again.

Team owner Woody Johnson said there have been informal talks about the Jets appearing on "Hard Knocks," the HBO series that goes behind the scenes for training camp access. The Jets were featured on the show in 2010, the last time it aired. There were no episodes of the program last season because of the lockout.

"It's something we would take a look at with Mike [Tannenbaum], and the coach, and Bruce [Speight, the director of media relations], and I and others that we think would add value to that discussion, to see whether it is something we want to do,'' Johnson said Monday at the opening of an NFL store in midtown Manhattan.

The Jets certainly would have enough drama to carry the program, with a locker room that fractured late last season, the addition of Tim Tebow and, of course, the always entertaining Rex Ryan. They also were one of the more successful "stars" of the show, generating an audience of about 4.6 million viewers per week.

Johnson said the Jets have not received a formal invitation to participate in the show again. "I thought it was tremendous value," he said. "The fan got to know the team a lot better. I've heard nothing but positives."

In a radio interview two weeks ago, Tannenbaum was asked about doing it again. He seemed content to let the opportunity pass. "We've done that," he said. "It was a good experience. I'm glad we did it. I'm looking forward to watching another team on it this year."

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He said in a statement Monday night: "When I made that comment, I never had an expectation that we'd be asked to do it again. Obviously, if we're asked, we'll sit down and talk about it.''

HBO Sports spokesman Ray Stallone said the network had no comment on potential teams for the series. HBO Sports and NFL Films typically decide which team they will cover in late spring, after the draft.

The Jets' Dustin Keller, who was at the event with Johnson, said being on the show two years ago was "pretty easy." He'd be willing to do it again.

"We would be good for 'Hard Knocks,' especially with Rex's personality, the Tebow trade -- I definitely see how we would be appealing,'' Keller said, adding: "If it's something that could be good for the team, why not do it?"