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Jets perturbed by Branch's "classless" take

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis celebrates his

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis celebrates his team's 28-21 win over the New England Patriots in an NFL divisional playoff football game in Foxborough, Mass. (Jan. 16, 2011) Credit: AP

Deon Branch let loose on the Jets following their stunning 28-21 victory over the top-seeded Patriots in yesterday's AFC divisional contest at Gillette Stadium.

The wide receiver essentially used the favorite line boasted by Russell in all those "Fat Albert" episodes, saying a few of the Jets -- with Braylon Edwards probably at the top of the list in his mind for his postgame back flip -- have no class. 

"The embarrassing part came after the game with some of the classless guys they have on that football team," Branch said. "There was a lot of classless play on the football field after the game. But you have to expect that from some of the guys over there."

Branch did say he shook the hands of some veterans who showed some class. 

"The other ones, I didn't," he said. "They don't deserve my nor my teammates' congratulations for them to act like that. You can tell they're not used to being in this position."

Darrelle Revis, as were many of his teammates, was ticked off by Branch's take. 

"Take the loss like a man," the Pro Bowl cornerback said. "Just take it like a man and move on. They do stuff as well. I don’t know who was doing it or whatever, but if so, whatever. Whatever. If they would've won, I’m sure they would've probably did the taunting like they do.

"Last game we played them, their secondary was doing the airplane like this," Revis said, motioning his arms like the wings on a 757, "and just teasing us. So you’ve got to take it both ways, when you win or lose."

Trevor Pryce said they actually noticed two Patriots defensive backs -- with rookie corner Devin McCourty being one of them -- mocking the 'Flight Boys' routine Santonio Holmes conjured up as they were watching footage Saturday night of their Dec. 6 drubbing at the hands of the Patriots. 

"That’s the same Jet thing that they were doing, they did that the last game," the veteran defensive lineman said. "They did it in the fourth quarter. We watched it, we watched them do it. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal now when they were doing it."

And don't forget that Shawne Merriman impression some of the Patriots did following their AFC divisional win over the Chargers in 2007, mimicking Merriman's sack dance while dancing on the Chargers' midfield logo.

"They were doing the lights out thing -- that's all part of it," Pryce said. "If they would have won the game, they wouldn't have called us classless, you know what I mean?"

Even Brandon Moore, typically one of the more reserved guys in the locker room, seemed genuinely annoyed by Branch's words.

"All I remember is them last time with six-shooters and flight crews, doing our dance and stomping on the Chargers' things a couple of years ago -- light’s out and things like that. So, whatever."

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