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Jets players foresee NFL franchise based in London

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis speaks during

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis speaks during a press conference after an NFL training session at London Irish training ground in southwest London, Friday, Oct. 2, 2015. Credit: AP / Matt Dunham

LONDON - The signs are there, Darrelle Revis said.

Maybe not next year or the year after, but at some point, an NFL team will be based in London.

"It looks like the NFL's trying to go that route, so we'll see in the future," the Jets cornerback said Friday when asked about the possibility of having an NFL franchise in England. "We'll see how it goes. Especially with Mexico City, they're talking about having games there, too. The NFL is definitely trying to hit the international market."

Of course, there are a host of logistical concerns that come with having a franchise in London -- most notably, the travel situation for both the home team and its opponents. But the overseas interest in American football is undeniable.

Wembley Stadium has been home to the NFL International Series games since 2007, and three games are scheduled for the 2015 season. After Sunday's Jets-Dolphins game, the Bills will face the Jaguars in Week 7 (Oct. 25) and the Lions will take on the Chiefs on Nov. 1.

"Looking at the big picture and growing the NFL and the revenue stream and all that, I think that's something that is probably appealing to everybody," Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said. "I think it's going to happen. I don't think it'll happen in the next few years, obviously. But I think it's something that eventually will happen because of how successful these games have been over here and the interest level and all that.

"And so there's a lot of hurdles that they're going to have to overcome, but I think eventually there will be a franchise here."

Can big-name NFL players picture themselves being based in London for a whole season?

"It is what it is," Revis said. "If that's the approach and what the NFL's trying to do, which it seems like they're trying to do that already. There's been a number of games over here, and I'm sure as the game grows, as we try to grow the NFL game, I'm sure there will be a lot more games played over here."

Todd Bowles, however, isn't worried about a London franchise affecting him.

"Well, I know New York is not moving, so I don't have to imagine that part of it," he said when asked about personally traveling to and from London. "We don't have to come here eight times a year, but I can see us coming here once a year."

He too believes a U.K.-based team is in the NFL's future.

"The league says it's realistic," Bowles said. "I have no idea, I'm not in those meetings, but they're talking about it, so where there's smoke, there has to be fire."

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