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Jets players view Rex Ryan as another player

The Jets players may call him Coach Ryan, but that’s not what they think of him.

“He's kind of like a player,” Thomas Jones said of Rex Ryan. “Sometimes, we don't even look at him as a coach. We look at him like a guy in the locker room because of the way he carries himself and the respect we have for him. I love playing for Coach Ryan.”

That’s pretty high regard for players to consider a head coach to be on the same level as they are. And Jones said it helps.

“From the time I've met him until now, I've only grown to like him more and more and his personality,” Jones said. “Anytime we have a coach that comes off like a player and is right down there with you, it makes you want to go that much harder for him.”

“He's confident in us,” Jones also said, “which means he believes in us. It gives us a boost when we go out there.”

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