Good Morning
Good Morning

Jets Preview Section, Episode 3

Way too much interesting Jets stuff on the website today for me to highlight individual articles. Just dive in and enjoy.

My favorite non-Newsday story of the day comes from the Wall Street Journal and talks about how the Jets have used social media to spread the word.

(The story at several points contradicts the assertion in my story today that the gap in interest between the Giants and Jets is less than conventional wisdom suggests. Despite that, the WSJ story is a good read.)

It's been fun escaping the basement and spending four days this week in Florham Park, where the Jets have done a fine job giving journalists all that they need - both in terms of access to players and access to unhealthy sweets in the press room.

I'm not sure whether they're trying to be nice to us or whether Rex  Ryan has a kickback scheme with the lap band surgeon for generating new customers.

Anyway, back to typing. Two days until the big game. Can't wait!

Meantime, enjoy Rod Boone's live chat at 11:30 a.m.

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