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Jets Q&A: Scott to Chargers . . . Respect us now?

There were some rumblings that the Chargers were talking a lot before the game. Is that true, and if so, did it fire up the Jets?

Let's just say that the team that loves to do a lot of talking was a bit annoyed at the yapping by a few Chargers.

"They were just saying that we didn't belong to be here," Jets linebacker Bart Scott said, "and we didn't think they respected us until it was too late, and maybe that teaches them a lesson for next time."

Scott is known for saying a word or three to the opposition. But was he genuinely surprised the Chargers were chattering the way they were right before kickoff?

"They were chirping like we talked too much, but I don't remember anybody saying anything this week negative about the San Diego Chargers," he said. "We had a tremendous amount of respect for them."

Seems as if Jim Leonhard had a shiner underneath his left eye. What happened there?

That souvenir came after Leonhard's hard hit on Malcom Floyd in the second quarter. He dislodged the ball, had his helmet knocked off as he dived for it and appeared to recover the ball, but the fumble call was challenged and reversed. "In the first half, I needed a couple of standing eight counts," Leonhard said. "I felt like a boxer out there. Fortunately, we weathered that storm and made some plays in the second half."

Jerricho Cotchery was seeking some revenge against Philip Rivers for beating him in the high school football playoffs in Alabama. Cotchery had to love yesterday's win, right?

"Yes sir, yes sir. I've been waiting a long time for that," Cotchery said. "That playoff loss in high school, that hurt. That hurt a bunch because we were rolling . . . The week before, we beat a team like 70-7 . . . So they were rolling this year. They met us in the second round just like in high school. Now I have the upper hand."

Darrelle Revis usually lines up against the top receiver, but it appeared as if he wasn't always locked up with Vincent Jackson. Did Rex Ryan say anything about that?

"I never felt that they had a go-to receiver," Ryan said. "They've got both who are very talented guys. We never really thought there was that big of a difference. We still gave him the tough down every time. We were playing a lot of man coverage on his side regardless of who the receiver was."

What did the Jets do to hold Darren Sproles to three yards on two punt returns and 44 yards on two kickoff returns?

"Mike Westhoff called a heck of a game and it was basically just cover your tail off," Wallace Wright said. "Our kickoff team was hungry. We knew that this was going to be a big task for us. We didn't do anything special."

Kerry Rhodes' thoughts on recovering the key onside kick?

"I just had to go make a play. It was a great kick, too. He kicked it high. I was looking like . . . 'Is this guy going to kill me?' I just went up, played the ball and caught it. It was a big play."

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