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Jets’ Q&A: Why did they burn two timeouts early?

Jets coach Todd Bowles during the second half

Jets coach Todd Bowles during the second half against the Patriots at MetLife Stadium on Oct. 15, 2017. Credit: Lee S. Weissman

Why did the Jets have one timeout in the fourth quarter?

Todd Bowles was not in the mood to discuss it, but the Jets called two timeouts in the third quarter. “The fact that we had to call timeout, we needed it,” Bowles said. “We’ll discuss that in the coaching room.”

They could have used both timeouts in the fourth quarter as they mounted a comeback.

“As soon as the play ends, we’ve got to get the right personnel in there and get the play called,” running back Matt Forte said. “I think we had people running on and off the field, and then the clock runs down and getting the play called and breaking the huddle with 10 seconds left. We got to make (linebacker) calls, if there’s motion and all kinds of stuff. We got to get the calls in earlier and break the huddle and get up to the line and then go to work.”

If the Jets had had at least two timeouts, maybe the game would have changed in the fourth quarter for the Pats.

Where was the running game?

Forte returned after missing two games with turf toe. He said the foot felt fine, but the running game wasn’t, averaging just 3.1 yards per carry. Forte didn’t start because offensive coordinator John Morton liked a certain package with rookie Elijah McGuire. Forte gained 22 yards, as did McGuire. Josh McCown picked up 16 yards on a scramble and 21 total.

“We got to help out the passing game with the run game,” Forte said. “If we would have stepped up in the run game a little bit, it would have been a different ballgame, where we wouldn’t have to throw so much and put so much pressure on Josh to make plays back there. That’s something we have to definitely work on.”

Whose fault were Josh McCown’s interceptions?

A quarterback’s mistakes can be attributed to many things — pass rush, receiver, play call, defensive back or the man himself. McCown threw two interceptions, on the next-to-last possession of the first half and the first possession of the second half. Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler jumped the route on a throw to Robby Anderson with 35 seconds to play in the half.

“No doubt that was very costly,” McCown said. “We lost the game by seven, so it was costly. It was just something that Robby and I need to keep working on. Just the angles of his routes and how we’re going to do things and the location of the ball, and we’ll get better at that.”

The second pick, by safety Devin McCourty, occurred when McCown threw behind tight end Eric Tomlinson. McCown apparently didn’t see fullback Lawrence Thomas open underneath as he attempted to find Tomlinson.

“When I came out of (play action), two guys hit him and he kind of collided with them,” McCown said of not seeing Thomas. “He stayed on his feet and did a good job, but I had to move off of him. But again, those are things that we’ll look at and figure out what we can do to be better on that play.”

So just how dominant were Gronk and Saferian-Jenkins?

Sunday was, without a doubt, a tight ends’ game. The Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski caught two touchdown passes while being targeted a team-high 10 times. Gronkowski, who missed last week’s game with a thigh injury, caught six passes for 83 yards and drew a pass-interference penalty on rookie safety Jamal Adams.

But let’s not discount Jets tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, who caught eight passes for 46 yards and one touchdown. Of course, he had a fourth-quarter score taken away, by replay, for his fumble out of the end zone. Seferian-Jenkins was targeted a season-high 11 times.

What’s up with the pass rush again?

It’s a daily discussion with the Jets. Tom Brady was sacked only 15 times last season, but after five weeks in 2017 was sacked an alarming 16 times. There was concern his body was getting worn down by the hits. Well, the Jets had zero sacks against Brady, first time he wasn’t sacked this season, and despite four quarterback hits, the pass rush didn’t have much of an impact.

“It’s never enough pressure,” Bowles said. “We got some hits on him, but he’s a great player. He’s seen it all. He can get up if he gets knocked down. We just have to keep fighting.”

The Jets have only seven sacks on the season.

Where was David Harris?

Linebacker David Harris signed with the Patriots after the Jets released him this past summer. He was inactive for the game, marking the second consecutive week he didn’t play.

Did anyone get hurt?

Defensive end Leonard Williams and Anderson had cramps. Anderson’s developed at the end of the game.

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