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Jets Q&A: What was Jamal Adams so fired up about?

Jets strong safety Jamal Adams taunts the Raiders

Jets strong safety Jamal Adams taunts the Raiders bench during the second half at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Credit: Lee S. Weissman/Lee S. Weissman

Why was Jamal Adams more fired up than usual, along with the rest of the Jets?

Adams said they were upset with the reception they received from the MetLife crowd when they came out for warmups. There were a lot of Raiders fans. Adams “felt disrespected” in his home building.

“I’m not going to lie to you; when we came out to the field, we felt disrespected, all of us,” Adams said. “We got booed in our own home stadium by Oakland fans. We came back into this locker room, it was a hell of a talk. It was something that needed to be said. We felt disrespected, went out there and put up or shut up.”

The Jets put up after Adams got everyone even more amped up in the locker room. “I came in here and sparked it up,” he said.

This isn’t the first time the Jets heard the other team cheered in their own building. There were many Cowboys fans at MetLife Stadium in Week 6. But this time it really seemed to get under Adams’ skin.

“I don’t want to sound very arrogant and just cocky but they came in a little too happy,” Adams said. “They thought it was going to be an easy game — put it like that.”

Adams said he was referring to the Raiders fans.   

What happened between Adams and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr?

Adams and Carr exchanged some words early in the game after the Raiders were called for a false start. Adams was rushing the passer and got to Carr. He didn’t hit him, but they talked for a little while and it seemed to get a little intense.

“I told him I’d be right back,” Adams said.

Adams got to Carr later. He and Brandon Copeland shared a sack on Carr.  

How did Ryan Griffin celebrate his new three-year contract extension?

With his team-leading fifth touchdown catch and a victory, of course.

The tight end has been a huge pickup. He went from being someone who gave the Jets insurance and depth with Chris Herndon suspended for the first four games to an integral part of the offense.

“I signed late here, on the eve of camp,” Griffin said. “I knew we had something real good here. I’m happy to be here and I’m looking forward to a couple of years here.”

Griffin scored on a 1-yard pass from Sam Darnold in the third quarter. Griffin said as soon as Darnold called the play, “I knew it was six. We ran it in practice and it didn’t work out, and I was hoping Coach [Adam] Gase would still pull the trigger on it. What a play call.

“I turned around and I just saw a sea of green. There was no white anywhere. It was good.”   

Where did Robby Anderson come up with his new touchdown celebration?

His friend told him to do it. Anderson caught a touchdown pass for the second straight week and jumped into the stands both times.

“My friend was like, you should jump in the stands,” Anderson said. “You should do it every time. It’s fun.”   

What happened on Darnold’s 4-yard touchdown run?

He faked a handoff to Le’Veon Bell and then ran it in, knocking over Raiders safety D.J. Swearinger to get in the end zone.

“I had someone in my way at the goal line and I just did what I could to get in the end zone,” Darnold said. “It was fun out there just to be able to run one in there like that because it doesn’t happen often.”

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