You can criticize Rex Ryan all you want; lambaste him for his atypical bravado and condemn him for his over-the-top honesty. But to Jets players, he just happens to be a good luck charm of sorts.

To date, almost every one of Ryan’s preseason predictions have come to fruition, starting with his belief that the team would feature the best running game, the best overall defense and the best offensive line in the NFL. He also believed early on that the Jets would be playoff-bound.

And let’s not forget his even bolder prophecy about them winning the Super Bowl trophy and meeting President Barack Obama “in the next couple of years” during his introductory news conference with the team back in January.

So far, so good for Ryan.

So good in fact, some of his players joked on Monday that their coach’s good luck could help them off the field as well.

“I’m really looking forward to getting my lottery numbers this week,” Jets center Nick Mangold said during a conference call. “Why not at least test the lottery out a little bit?”

When asked if he would play lottery numbers given to him by Ryan, wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery said with a laugh: “I probably would go play those numbers because a lot of things [he’s been saying] have been coming to life. If he gives me some numbers I might just head down to the nearest store.”

But it’s not just luck that Ryan has brought with him from his days in Baltimore. He speaks to his players, and the media, with an unabashed swagger and a sense of purpose — traits never seen during the Eric Mangini days.

“The biggest difference has been Rex wearing his emotions, thoughts, and intensity on his sleeve, where Eric kept most of them inside,” said Mangold. “. . . I think with Rex coming in and talking about going to the White House in his press conference and up at the podium last week saying he thinks we should be the favorites to win every game all the way to the Super Bowl.

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“If he didn’t say things like that, you’d be worried something was wrong because you come to expect that,” Mangold said. “And as a player you love to have that behind you when you take the field.”

Said safety Kerry Rhodes: “If you have a coach that talks you up, that’s a good thing. . . With our previous head coach, he didn’t talk about that stuff. He held us out of the spotlight. But with this guy, Rex, he talks you up and people hear about how good you are. . . We definitely believe in what he’s saying. He’s not going to say it just to say it. He knows his team and he knows his personnel.”