If there was one thing Indianapolis coach Jim Caldwell was unhappy about after the Colts' 20-3 divisional playoff win over Baltimore on Saturday, it was that the Ravens held his team to just 42 yards rushing on 25 carries. It was the second-worst rushing effort in Colts playoff history.
Of the four worst playoff rushing performances in Colts history, the Baltimore game was the only one they won. They rushed for 41 yards in a 41-14 loss at Pittsburgh in 1996, 44 yards in a 28-24 home loss to San Diego in 2007 and 46 yards in a 20-3 loss at New England in 2004.
The Colts ranked last in the NFL in rushing this season with 80.9 yards per game and were 30th with an average carry of only 3.5 yards. After reviewing the Baltimore game, Caldwell told the Indianapolis media, "I looked real hard at the film, trying to identify where we kind of failed in that area, and [the mistakes] are correctable. That's the thing about it; without question, it's correctable. So we'll work at getting that done."
The Jets might have something to say about that. In their 29-15 upset win over the Colts three weeks ago, they allowed only 64 yards rushing on 23 carries. And that had nothing to do with Caldwell's decision to pull quarterback Peyton Manning with a 15-10 lead in the third quarter. If anything, that's when the Colts needed to run but found they couldn't sustain much. If there's one big problem facing the Colts, it's their inability to use the running game to run the clock while protecting a lead.