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Jets will take the ball first ... for once

Rex Ryan is changing his approach.

Usually, if the Jets win the opening coin toss, their defensive-minded head coach elects to defer to the second half and play defense first.

But with the Jets' early-game struggles on offense -- they've been outscored 37-26 in the first quarter and were down 17-0 to the Patriots before the second quarter even rolled around -- Ryan figures it may be time to try something different against the Dolphins on Sunday. 

"I give in," Ryan said. "We are going to take the ball. If we win the toss, we will take the ball. That's a definite."

"I'm tired of hearing about it," he added, referring to the slow starts. "There is some truth to it on starting fast. Maybe I'm not sending the right message by not taking the ball. We'll find out if that works, and if it does and we get off to a fast start, we'll do it the next week as well."

Ryan has never won the toss and taken the ball first during his tenure with the Jets. More than a few of those who line up on offense were thrilled to hear the news they could finally be the ones to help set the tempo

"Great, great," quarterback Mark Sanchez said. "That's a changeup, but we'll take it." 

Said center Nick Mangold: "Yeah, as an offensive player, you always want the ball. You want it every chance you can get. So I don’t know how the decision making goes on the coin toss and stuff. We’ll play it out as it happens."

However, there's one offensive player who actually prefers if Ryan doesn't switch things up.

"I usually like to get the ball second," wideout Braylon Edwards said. "I like to kickoff. But I mean, if that's what Rex wants, then that’s what we are going to do. We’ll take the ball and we’ll try to get a spark on offense first and foremost, and then use that spark to spark our defense.

"So, I don’t want to say that puts a task on us, but it lets us know what type of game it’s going to be.  He wants us to step our game up and our game play will spark the rest of the team." 

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