FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - The Jets are learning what it's like to be "Todd" tough: No excuses. No shortcuts.

That's the message coach Todd Bowles has been driving home since he arrived. And on the final day of training camp, it was clear that his tough-love approach has its benefits.

"Being a part of this Bowles team, I wear it like a badge," Bronx-born Hofstra product Willie Colon said Thursday. "It's been a tough camp. It's been a camp where a lot of people have had to get out of their shells and grow up a little bit."

Using punishments such as gassers for everything from sluggish play to fighting to five-plus practice penalties, and an earn-your-keep approach to roster spots, Bowles is trying to implement a mind-set change and a heightened level of focus. And his players have taken heed.

Said Colon: "We can't be complacent. Being an average team is not going to make it in the league. We've got to be a team that sets the tone and be a more physical team on Sunday . . . Coach Bowles has made sure that we've come to work. It's been a good camp."

Oh Captain! My Captain!

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Don't expect to see regular-season Jets captains, a la Rex Ryan. Instead, Bowles will appoint game-day captains as the season goes along.

"I've been around captains that got hurt during the year," he said. "They wear a big 'C' on their chest and get hurt during training camp and you don't have any, so whoever plays well the week before and gets a chance to be in their hometown, you give them a little bone that way. We will go game-to-game."

QB Johnson signs

The Jets signed veteran quarterback Josh Johnson, 29, after a workout. He has spent time with six teams since 2008, including two stints with Cincinnati. They also waived rookie quarterback Jake Heaps.