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Jim Caldwell praises Mark Sanchez

There is no comparison between Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez at this point in time. One is a 4-time NFL MVP, and the other is a raw rookie. But Colts coach Jim Crawford expressed his admiration today for how far Sanchez has progressed to face Manning in Sunday's AFC championship game.
"We don’t think there is any question he has all the ability in the world," Crawford said of Sanchez. "He can make every throw. He’s big and strong. He’s an outstanding leader. His infectiousness and enthusiasm for the game rubs off on his comrades. He’s dangerous, and he’s also mobile. So there’s not anything he doesn’t do well.
"If required, I’m certain he could go out and throw the ball around probably as well as anyone. Everything he does concerns us. He does a good job of getting his team into the right plays. He hasn’t made very many mistakes. He’s playing well. Very few of [rookies] make it to this stage in the first portion of their career. I think the guy is doing just a great job; he’s very, very capable."

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