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Jim Leonhard: Some illegal hits are "semi-unavoidable"

 Jim Leonhard did not have the notorious FedEx envelope at his locker today, the one that the NFL sends out informing players of a fine for an illegal play. Leonhard, who was flagged for an alleged hit to the head of Broncos receiver Brandon Lloyd in the third quarter on Sunday.

Leonhard has heard the talk of the NFL suspending players for hits to the head, especially defensive backs on receivers, since there were three such hits in other games on Sunday.

Here's Leonhard's take on the league's plan:

"In some situations, it's semi-unavoidable. Those heads move, you know, even when you're hitting with your shoulder, you don't always hit where you intended to. Safety needs to be the No. 1 issue, but you have officials deciding things on split-second calls -- on mine, I might get kicked out of a game for a hit that wasn't illegal. And that was the biggest point in that game (third quarter, tie game).


"Obviously, with a defenseless receiver, you have to be careful. But a guy can go up to catch a ball and you're aiming for his chest, that can become his head in a second. They go from high to low real, real quick. And if you go too low, you're going at guys' knees... You don't want to be the one to take out a guy's ACL just because you wanted to make sure you stayed low. There's just a lot of gray."


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