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Joe Namath plans to donate brain for research in traumatic head injuries

Jets great Joe Namath drops back to

Jets great Joe Namath drops back to pass in this 1970 photo. Credit: AP

SAN FRANCISCO — Joe Namath said he thinks there needs to be more research into traumatic head injuries, and he’s willing to do his part in that effort.

The MVP of Super Bowl III and iconic quarterback for the Jets told USA Today on radio row Friday that he plans to donate his brain to research after his passing.

“Just as I would consider donating my heart and whatever else can be used in the future by someone, absolutely, of course I would,” Namath said. “Yes.”

Namath’s comments come as two other Super Bowl quarterbacks were found this week to have CTE. Studies of the brains of Ken Stabler and Earl Morrall showed the degenerative disease.

Namath said it’s important to help not just football players who suffer from brain injuries, but society in general.

“We talk about it in football a lot, we talk about it in sports,” Namath said. “But I’m going to tell you something, there’s children out there falling down on a daily basis. There are mothers, there’s fathers, there’s people in car accidents. We don’t know enough about traumatic brain injuries at this time. What we’re trying to do is learn more about it and learn how to help people that have had traumatic brain injuries, not just football players. Not just the soldiers who are getting a lot of them because of the fighting. But everyday people.”

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