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Namath: McElroy was out of line

Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath doesn't like the

Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath doesn't like the trade that brought Tim Tebow to New York. Photo Credit: AP

Joe Namath has a little problem with Greg McElroy's public undressing of the Jets' locker room.

The Hall of Fame quarterback thinks McElroy shouldn't be the guy criticizing the happenings, given that the rookie quarterback was placed on season-ending injured reserve in September with a thumb injury.

McElroy said the Jets' locker room was "corrupt" and filled with "selfish individuals" Wednesday during an interview with a radio station in Alabama.

"I feel like he was wrong in presenting it in the time and place that he did," Namath said Thursday on 1050 ESPN's "The Michael Kay Show."

"On the other hand, he's a sincere guy, and when he's questioned, he gives answers. I don't think being a first-year player and one that's not even active, I don't think it was his place to voice an opinion in that locker room or during the season to his teammates.

"He was a low guy on the totem pole, so to speak."

Namath said he's sure McElroy regrets his comments, but added he partly understands where he was coming from.

"He's never lived that kind of life," Namath said. " . . . When you have 53 guys active on the roster, I promise you are going to have some squirrely guys in that group."

Former Jets defensive lineman Kris Jenkins, now a studio analyst for SNY, wasn't bothered that McElroy spoke up.

"He loves his craft, he loves what he does and he felt it was what needed to be said," Jenkins said on 1050 ESPN's "Mike Lupica Show."

Zeroing in on Mark Sanchez, Jenkins said: "The No. 1 QB should have said that a long time ago. It would have been all a part of the process of him . . . standing up and being a man. But the thing is he lost it, because he got caught up in the wash that is New York, in the spotlight and taking pictures in the magazine and doing all that stuff."

In a mild upset, Namath stuck up for the Jets' starting quarterback. He said Sanchez dealt with situations professionally this season and still thinks he can lead the Jets to the Super Bowl.

"I know he is," Namath said. "Again, I've got to believe he is. I believe Sanchez has handled himself as well as it can be handled through this mess."

Former Jets tackle Damien Woody, now an ESPN NFL analyst, told Newsday that Sanchez really needs to take a leap forward next season or the Jets likely will move on without him.

"It was evident he took a step back," Woody said. "He had the second-most turnovers [26] of any quarterback in the league this year.

"Granted, did he have more touchdowns [26]? Yes. But he had more interceptions and he had more fumbles, and when you are a team that prides yourself on running the football, playing good defense and keeping it close to the vest, and your quarterback is turning the ball over, you are not going to win games."

Cotchery on Holmes

Jerricho Cotchery is about to play in the postseason for the third year in a row, although this time he'll be doing it with the Steelers. On Thursday, the former Jets wide receiver was asked to give his thoughts on Santonio Holmes, who was benched in the final minutes of Sunday's season-ending loss to the Dolphins.

Teammates thought Holmes had quit on them. Cotchery said he's not sure what's going on.

"The guy that everyone is talking about now, I don't know that guy,'' Cotchery said on WFAN. "Last year, he was a guy that fought. He was a guy that made a bunch of plays for us. 'Tone and I had a great relationship. He had a great relationship with a lot of guys on the team.

"I don't know what took place this year to have everyone looking at him the way they look at him now."

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