JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The competitive streak lives in each of them, though it manifests itself in much different ways.

While most are quick to point out the differences that exist between the Landry brothers, LaRon - the in-your-face, expletive-spewing Jets safety - and his brother Dawan, both share a passion for trash-talking and hard-hitting.

"We have the same persona on the field: kind of aggressive and wanna hit," LaRon said. "He's got that mentality and attitude.

"He's just not as over-the-top and on-edge as me."

While all the fan attention here will be paid to the return of hometown hero, Tim Tebow, Sunday's game between the Jets and Jaguars will be a homecoming of sorts for the Landry brothers, who will face each other for the first time in their NFL careers.

LaRon and Dawan - natives of Ama, La. - have been talking about the game for a while. But its significance is tempered slightly because both play for their respective secondaries and on special teams. But their limited face-to-face time won't stop them from comparing notes after the game, regardless of the final score.

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"We definitely going to compete and see who makes the most plays on defense," said LaRon, an occasional gunner for Mike Westhoff.

The brothers have always been in a quest for bragging rights, whether it's on the football field or in the weight room.

They missed their chance to face each other back in 2008 when the Redskins (LaRon's former team) played Baltimore. Dawan, then a safety for the Ravens, was forced to miss the game because of a spinal concussion injury.

Rex Ryan, the former Ravens defensive coordinator, raved about Dawan, whom he called "one of the most underrated guys in this league." Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine - also a former member of the Ravens coaching staff - called Dawan "the exact opposite" of LaRon.

"He was very quiet, he never said a word and you'd never know he was in a meeting," Pettine said. "But you know LaRon is in a meeting. We'll put it that way."

Ryan agreed.

"You guys see LaRon, so you can imagine, just go one extreme to the other," he said with a smile. "But they're both beautiful. They are great people and are passionate guys about the game."

Earlier this season, their mother Rhonda described Dawan as more mellow and "not as bold as LaRon." But the Jets safety dropped this surprising tidbit about his brother: "He talks a lot of (stuff) on the field. More than me.

"See, my attitude and my actions get in people's heads. He's more of a talker," said Landry, who amused reporters this week with a story about using a fake ID when he was 4 in order to play Pee Wee football in the 5-7 age group. (His nickname at the time? "The Hammer.")

The Jets safety anticipates a lot of family and friends will be in attendance at Everbank Field Sunday -- and he's curious to see how his parents plan to divvy up their apparel.

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"I'm interested to see how they coordinate it," he said. "I'm more than sure they'll mix it up - a Jets hat and Jacksonville shirt, or vice versa. We'll see."