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Jets' Le'Veon Bell expresses frustration with NFL's random drug tests

Le'Veon Bell of the Jets looks on prior

Le'Veon Bell of the Jets looks on prior to the game against the Redskins at FedExField on Sunday in Landover, Md. Credit: Getty Images/Will Newton

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Le’Veon Bell wants the NFL to stop sticking him with needles.

The Jets running back tweeted at the NFL Wednesday morning that he’s “done” taking “random HGH blood tests.” Bell doubled down on that tweet after practice and said he doesn’t like needles, he thinks “it’s weird” that he has been tested five times in 10 weeks, and was adamant about not taking another one.

“I’m not doing it no more,” Bell said. “They’re not getting no more of my blood. They can use the blood they got right now. That’s it.”

In his tweet, Bell said, “whatever y’all lookin for it obviously ain’t there & I’m not about to keep allowing y’all to stick me with those dirty [expletive] needles. Find the players who really do that HGH BS & get off me.”

Under the rules of the collective bargaining agreement, a computer program is used to select five players from eight randomly selected teams to undergo testing. Players have to take the test or they’re subject to suspension.

Bell said he got a text from one of the player’s association reps and he talked to him about the situation. He said he never complained before this.

He could be tested another time. Bell doesn’t want to be suspended. He said he’ll “cross that bridge when we get there,” but he doesn't understand why he has to keep being tested. He feels this is extreme.

“I feel like I did it enough,” Bell said. “The way I feel today, the tweet went out, that’s how I felt. One, I don’t like needles. I understand I got to do it for my job.

“The first time we do it I’m thinking, ‘The testing is over. I’m done with the needles.’ They do it again, I’m like, ‘I get it they did twice. I can do it twice.’ But now it’s three, four, five times. Now it’s getting weird. It’s getting weird now. Why do they need so much more of my blood. What are you all really looking for?

Bell, in his first season with the Jets, said he was never tested this much when he was a member of the Steelers.

During training camp, Bell was twice pulled from practice to take random drug tests. Bell had been suspended twice for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy as a Steeler.

Bell said he has no issue with the urine test he takes in regular drug testing, he just doesn’t want to be stuck with needles anymore.

“I can drop all day,” Bell said. “You want me to pee in a cup, I can do that all day. I’m not trying to deal with the needles. You can keep that away from me. I don’t care. I got nothing to do with the needles.”

Adam Gase said he was made aware of Bell’s tweet at the NFL. This was news to Gase, who said Bell has never expressed any frustration to him about this.

“He’s never said anything,” Gase said. “That’s something that’s out of our control. It’s out of our control. It’s just part of the process.”

Bell, who sat out last year over a contract dispute, has struggled to get going since signing a four-year, $52.5 million contract with the Jets.

The three-time Pro Bowler is averaging only 81.7 scrimmage yards per game. Bell averaged 137.5 yards a game over his last four seasons with the Steelers

It’s not all on Bell. though. The Jets have dealt with injuries all across the offensive line, which wasn’t playing well even when the regular starters were healthy. Now Bell is picking a fight with the NFL.

“I understand they’re trying to make sure everybody’s playing fair and everybody’s doing the right things,” Bell said. “But there’s a certain fine line.

“I’ve been playing for 10 weeks. I get tested five times. You all are not really finding nothing. I’m clean from HGH. I don’t do that. I don’t like needles. There’s no point in trying to test me for that. I’m not doing that.”

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