Leon Washington’s rehab from a broken leg in Week 7 is ahead of schedule, he said.

“One of the doctors said the way my bone is healing, I’m two months ahead of a normal person,” he said Tuesday in the Jets’ locker room.

That puts him on pace to play when the 2010 season begins, which has been his goal. Doctors originally told him his gag-inducing injury would require six to 12 months of recovery time, but Washington said he’s confident he’ll be back on a field in September.

This week he’ll finally drop those crutches and get to walk freely. He hasn’t done any running, but he does work on a submerged treadmill, using a pool of water to not only alleviate pressure but provide resistance.

“I feel I could do more, but I’m going to do everything the right way,” he said. “I’m just trying not to push myself too much.”

“The way I’m improving right now, it’s looking really good,” he added.

Washington has spent his Sundays watching the Jets on television, a new experience for him. At first he would watch with friends, but he found that he couldn’t handle that.

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“I had to be by myself, I had to be in the game,” he said. “I tend to watch it just me and my wife now, we watch together.”

And he teaches her about football, too. A few weeks ago when the Jets played the Colts, Dwight Freeney made back-to-back plays coming off the edge.

“I’m trying to explain to her that that’s the quarterback’s responsibility to pick up the extra defender,” he said. “She wasn’t hearing that. She was like ‘Brick should get him! Brick should get him!’ I was like ‘No baby, they’re doing this, they’re doing that. They’re holding the gaps so we cant get him.’ Stuff like that.”

Washington said it’s been difficult being sidelined with his injury, but he feels a part of the team. He even attended the regular season finale against the Bengals and while he’s not going to San Diego, if the Jets win and play at home in the AFC title game he’ll be there for that too.

“It’s been fun and a joy just to be along the ride with these guys,” he said.