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Leonhard can relate to Ellis' hand injury

When Shaun Ellis whiffed on a sack against the Chargers because he was unable to grab Philip Rivers with his broken hand wrapped in a cast, most of the Jets had a good chuckle about it. Jim Leonhard laughed with them, but he also understood the frustration Ellis felt.

Leonhard broke his right thumb in Week 10 against Jacksonville and has not missed a game, playing with a cast on the injured area. It limited him at first, but he’s grown used to playing with it ... especially now that the pain has subsided.

“It’s pretty much healed so it doesn’t hurt anymore,” Leonhard said. “Before, when I hit it, it hurt. Now (the cast) is just a protective thing.”

Leonhard spent time with Ellis this week talking about how to go about business with a club for a hand.

“You spend this week trying to figure out what works best for you and what you need to protect it and how you need to change your technique to be successful,” Leonhard said.

There was no time to adjust when Ellis had his hands around the waist of Rivers but was unable to grab the jersey. Rivers slipped away.

“It’s kind of funny,” Leonhard said. “He came to the sideline and said ‘Underneath that club I was squeezing so hard’ but he couldn’t grab anything. It’s just one of those deals where it’s tough because you know you make that play. He makes that play in his sleep. It’s frustrating as a player knowing that you left one out there.”

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