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Live Blog: Redskins-Jets

4th Quarter, 2:13: Larry Johnson returns from the grave! Sort of. Cast off as a non-playmaker, Johnson joined the Redskins looking to get some minutes as a backup and a 15-yard touchdown to put the Redskins ahead will help his cause. After the PAT the Redskins are up 16-11.

4th Quarter, 4:00: The game has been moving at a snail's pace ever since the 1s stepped out. Brunell is 1-for-2 and the Jets turned the ball over on a meager fourth down attempt around the 30-yard line. Looks like this one will end with a whisper, not a bang.

4th Quarter, 14:18: The Jets have chipped away at the Redskins' defense all day by pounding the ball up the middle and completing short passes.On the 15th play of the drive, Sanchez tossed a 10-yard touchdown pass to Dustin Keller, but the Nick Folk missed the extra point, to leave the Jets ahead 11-9. L.T. had a crucial rush beforehand, scrambling outside, then back up the middle with a few shimmies on a nine-yard run. Sanchez's pass was the first Jets TD in more than 10 quarters of play.

3rd Quarter, 6:52: Graham Gano sends in a 41-yard field goal to put the Redskins up 9-5. Sanchez is still in, but he's only thrown two passes in two drives. 

2nd Quarter, 2:45: The Jets turned the end zone into a danger zone. On 2nd and 12 at the 6 Grossman fumbled on a bad snap that popped out of his hands and over his head into the end zone. Scrambling for the ball, Grossman kicked it out of bounds for a Jets safety that made the score 6-5.

2nd Quarter, 5:15: Graham Gano kicked a 42-Yard field goal to put the Redskins up. The Jets' defense has done well today. The Redskins have entered the red zone once tonight and been held to two kicks.

2nd Quarter, 7:52: Sanchez has looked awful. He's been particularly bad on short passes on turn-back plays. In the red zone on 3-and-8, Sanchez unloaded a shallow pass in the direction of Dustin Keller that was easily picked off by DeAngelo hall and returned for almost 30 yards. The defense has been New York's saving grace, keeping them in this game. The Jets recovered a punt thanks to Brad Smith, who impaled the return-man in the back, giving Vernon Gholston a chance to dive on to the loose ball before the recent sequence.

1st Quarter, 2:25: Penalties killed the Jets and let the Redskins slip into field goal range and tie the game up 3-3. Antonio Cromartie intercepted a tipped pass, but he was called for holding on the play. Grossman followed with a 29-yard pass to Moss. A 15-yard penalty on Bart Scott worsened matters. He reached for Grossman's face a second or two after he threw the ball. 

1st Quarter, 7:39: The Jets ground game and a 10-yard pass to Cotchery got them within field goal distance, and Folk punched it in from 45 yards to put NY up 3-0. Sanchez looks stiff, miffing a shallow pass that kept the Jets to a field goal.

1st Quarter, 12:23: Jets win the toss and defer. The defense did its job, holding the Redskins to short runnings plays and one long passing play - a 13-yarder to former Jet Santana Moss. The Jets will start their first drive at the 23-yard line.

The skies are clear blue as we take begin our long days journey into tonight's preseason Jets versus redskins game. 

There are no clouds above, but with a struggling offense, the Jets are looking to paint some strikes in the sky and work out wrinkles in the passing game.

Mark Sanchez was 5-for-12 for 12 yards in last week's game against the Panthers. Brian Schottenheimer and Rex Ryan have been vocal about a need to sure up the passing attack and get the offense into a groove. In that regard fans should look for a pass-heavy attack tonight.Sanchez threw a pass so far behind Santonio Holmes that Holmes only caught a glimpse of the ball before it zipped by him.

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