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Mangold sure Jets will hash things out

Mark Sanchez stands next to Nick Mangold during

Mark Sanchez stands next to Nick Mangold during a game against the Dolphins. (Oct. 17, 2011) Credit: David Pokress

Nick Mangold hasn't been besieged by a barrage of inquiries from other players at the Pro Bowl, wondering exactly went down with the Jets' late-season flame out.

"No more than what you would expect," the All-Pro center told me from Hawaii tonight. "I think most everybody kind of saw how everything went and had a pretty good idea of the different things that went on. I think we’re all kind of moving past it and kind of enjoying our time out here."

Mangold was helping build a playground today as part of the NFL Play 60 Community Blitz. He's in Hawaii along with teammates Darrelle Revis, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, and Brandon Moore for Sunday's game.

But Mangold said the four haven't talked about what happened at the end of the season and how they can keep it from taking place again.

"Nah," he said. "We are taking this week to kind of enjoy the opportunity and the great fortune of being able to be out here and spending time with family and everything and enjoying the experience from that. We’ll save the real business work for when we get back."

Sometime after they do get back, Mangold is sure many of his teammates will sit down together and smooth things out like brothers.

"That’s exactly what I would expect," he said. "Unfortunately, I don’t have any brothers, so I’m not exactly sure how it all goes down. But from a bunch of my friends having brothers, that’s what it appears to me, that that’s how things go about happening. I think you just get it all out there, grab a beer later and you move onto the challenge at hand.

"And that’s getting a lot better for next year."

Mangold said he's yet to fully converse with Mark Sanchez, who's taken serious criticism since the season ended. Mangold said they've been texting a bit but, "there's only so much you can get done through text messages."

"We haven’t had a sit down in a while," Mangold said. "I assume once we get done with this travel and everything, we’ll go out and grab a bite and be able to hash things out."

Mangold remains bothered by the constant Sanchez bashing.

"I think it is unfair for him," he said. "I’m bothered by it because I understand the market that we are in being in New York for a quarterback. It’s got to be difficult for him. In the end we have to run the ball better, we have to protect better -- all the things that help him.

"I think we’ll get it back come whenever it is – March or April, whenever we start – that we work to make sure that we are putting him in the best position that we can to succeed."

The Jets hope new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano can help Sanchez succeed. Mangold sat down and chatted with Sparano last week and had a good conversation about the direction he's looking to take the Jets' offense.

"He’s an offensive-minded/line-minded guy, which is always a good thing when you are up front," Mangold said. "I’m excited about the opportunity that he brings for us and I’m really excited to see how this offseason goes, how the implementing things go and the transition. I’ve been in the same system for six years, so I think for me personally, it’s going to be interesting and kind of exciting to have to learn a new system."

As for whether Brian Schottenheimer's offense was difficult to pick up at times because of all the verbiage -- Rex Ryan said last week was the case for him -- Mangold didn't totally dispute that notion even though it wasn't something he had issues with.

"It was fine for me," Mangold said, "but I could see where it might get a little complicated and we’ll see what Tony does similarly or differently, to try to make things either more simpler or continue along the same path."

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