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Maybin leaving his mark on Jets 'D'

Aaron Maybin has been as good as the Jets could've hoped.

"It’s been a big impact," defensive coordinator Mike Pettine said this afternoon. "That was the one thing that we were missing, was a guy with a great get off that had some explosiveness. It was unfortunate the way the roster played out early on that we had to let him go and we were fortunate to be able to get him back because we knew what he brought to the table."

Maybin, who makes his return to Buffalo on Sunday, has brought a lot to the table for the Jets in his short time here. Although he's played in four games since he was re-signed Oct. 5 -- he made the Jets' first 53-man roster before getting released a day later because the team needed a roster spot for offensive line help  -- Maybin is tied for the team lead in sacks with Calvin Pace, registering three.

He still isn't well-versed in the Jets' playbook and has been spending extra time with outside linebackers coach Mike Smith. The Jets have given Maybin a package of plays to study on a week-to-week basis because they're fearful of overloading him. 

But Maybin, who also has been wearing a wrist band with plays, is slowly picking things up and Pettine expects he'll see more reps this week against the Bills.

"Not being here training camp, no offseason, that hurts somebody like Maybin who’s coming in trying to learn the system," Pettine said. "I think we’ve done a good job not giving him too much too soon, but at the same time getting him out there where we can showcase what he can do."

Maybin, deemed a bust in Buffalo after not posting a sack in his two seasons, has given the Jets' defense a much-needed boost in the pass rushing department. He's been causing havoc, forcing three fumbles, and has done a solid job of disrupting the quarterback's rhythm back in the pocket.  

"That's such a great thing for us," Pettine said, "when you can have a guy that can force the quarterback to step up sooner than he wants to. He does have some sack production, and he does have a knack for getting the ball out. But just the threat, especially off the blind side. ... A lot of times that will speed up that clock internally where you will get a step up, you’ll get an earlier throw or sometime he’ll get a chance to make a big play."

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