Good Morning
Good Morning

Mayhem from Maybin!

CORTLAND -- On the Jets' first day in full pads since the end of last season, no one seemed quite as enthused as linebacker Aaron Maybin, who was all over the field.

Afterward, he said it all is part of the mindset the team is looking for. "We need to get in that competitive attitude now," he said. "The guys are really going hard in every period and I think that's showing."

As for his own role in that vibe, Maybin said, "At the end of the day, on every team you have guys that are kind of looked to as the vocal, emotional guys. I’ve always been a high-energy guy. That’s how I’ve always played the game.

"On any team when you get to the dog days of camp, when things get to be a drag, you need guys like that to kind of pick up the people who might not necessarily be as into it as everybody else . . . Guys like myself, Bart [Scott], LaRon [Landry] now, there are guys who are really vocal."

Maybin said the first day in pads was a good time for some scores to be settled among teammates from earlier in the offseason, when hitting was not an option.

Early in practice Maybin took exception to a block from running back Bilal Powell. Later, Maybin took Powell down with a harder-than-normal-for-camp tackle. Powell flung the ball in his face.

Coach Rex Ryan likes what he has seen from Maybin. "The guy's been tremendous," he said. He said coordinator Mike Pettine showed players video of Maybin in action Saturday, running hard to the football, and said, "As a teammate you have to be embarrassed because this guy embarrassed the other 10 guys who were out there at that time."

Said Ryan: "It's 100 miles per hour . . . He doesn't play with any breaks. He doesn't slow down until he runs into something."

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