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Meriweather likes to talk to Jets, but not a fan of their dancing

Tom Brady said the Patriots like to let their play do their talking. Safety Brandon Meriweather doesn’t subscribe to that silent treatment.

The Patriots’ defensive back said he’s a chatter-box on the field, and that trash-talking is a part of his game.

“I talk to everybody," he said in an interview on WEEI in Boston today. "I talk to everybody. I'll go and talk to the linemen or to the running backs, to the receivers. I'm even going to talk to Sanchez. I talk to everybody. I even talk to their DBs. I'm going to talk to everybody. That's just me."

Meriweather said the yapping inspires him.

"It gets me going,” he said. “When you talk, you have to back up what you're talking about. So, anybody who talks a lot of junk usually is either going to play real good or you're going to play real bad and you're going to be quiet. When you’re talking, you've got to back it up, so I think that brings out the best in a lot of people."

The Jets do a lot of talking. And sometimes they even do some dancing. Like when Braylon Edwards danced after scoring a touchdown against Patriots defensive back Darius Butler in Week 2 of this season.

"Listen, listen, I'm not going to go into that,” Meriweather said, “but he would not Dougie on me."

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