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Michael Vick won't appear on Mike Francesa's show after all

The Jets' Michael Vick acknowledges the crowd during

The Jets' Michael Vick acknowledges the crowd during the first half of a preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, in Philadelphia. Credit: AP / Chris Szagola

Michael Vick will not appear on Mike Francesa's WFAN show on Tuesdays this season, as he had been contracted to do, a decision that became official Friday.

The Jets' new backup quarterback said Sept. 5 he was leaning against coming on weekly but might do so periodically, to which Francesa responded he was not interested in that arrangement.

Vick did appear Tuesday and answered questions at length; he seemed to imply he would return soon.

Francesa said on the air between Yankees games Friday that the Jets had barred Vick from appearing weekly. The team said earlier in the day that it merely had encouraged him to reconsider.

Responding to an inquiry from Newsday, a team spokesman said in a statement, "We weren't aware of the request initially. Upon learning [of it], we discussed it with Michael and his representatives.

"Appearing on a weekly basis didn't seem so practical in-season, but he is willing to be a guest on occasion and we have no issue with scheduling other players on Mike's show so long as it's in a manner that's respectful of our relationship with our flagship station, ESPN 98.7 FM.''

Francesa said on the air, "Here's the bottom line: The Jets pulled him. You want to say my frosty relationship with the Jets continues? Well, I guess it does, because the Jets pulled him.''

Francesa said he has "no problem'' with Vick or his agent and said the player is welcome on the show. "I think they both acted in good faith,'' he said. "The Jets, of course their story changes, as it always does. Obviously, as soon as they knew there was a deal, they got involved in a hurry and broke the deal.''

WFAN will let Vick out of his contract. "No one wanted to put Vick in a tough spot,'' Francesa said.

Chris Shigas, Vick's spokesman, said, "Michael Vick wanted to remain focused on the season and be respectful to the Jets and its partners. Vick truly enjoyed being on Mike Francesa's show.

"Francesa is a legend in the market and Vick hopes that he will be invited back on air in the future.''

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