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Mike Francesa rips Jets' John Idzik during rant

Mike Francesa on John Idzik's Jets press conference

WFAN radio host Mike Francesa called Jets general manager John Idzik's press conference Monday a "colossal waste of time."

John Idzik's remarks Monday on the state of the Jets likely did little to inspire the team's fans, but they did inspire an epic Mike Francesa rant that became a social media sensation.

The WFAN host began by commenting on Idzik while the general manager still was speaking, among other things suggesting owner Woody Johnson tell Idzik to put his house up for sale.

Later Francesa lambasted Idzik and the team, saying, "First of all he gives you this Jet Nation garbage. There is no such thing. 'Play like a Jet.' What does that mean? Commit a penalty or fumble the ball or drop the ball. Which one is that?"

He also said, "What is 'Jet Nation' -- 42,000 empty seats?"

Francesa said, "If I watched that and I were the owner, I'd throw the television out the window."

Getting more and more agitated as he went, Francesa said Bills quarterback Kyle Orton Sunday "completed 10 passes for 9,000 yards!"

Of Buffalo receiver Sammy Watkins, the host said, "He only caught three passes yesterday for 157 yards. You know how long it takes a Jet receiver to get 157 yards? Three years!"

In closing, Francesa quoted Idzik, saying, "We need to finish, we need to finish," then he screamed, "YOU need to be finished." -- NEIL BEST

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