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Mike Pettine takes shot at LT's music video

As a dancer, San Diego's LaDainian Tomlinson makes a good NFL running back the way Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine sees it. While some folks think Tomlinson, one of the NFL's all-time great ballcarriers, has lost a step or three at the age of 30, Pettine
believes the only steps Tomlinson needs to work on are the ones in a recent music video sponsored by Nike.

"When they want to run the ball, they can," Pettine said Thursday when asked about Tomlinson's 730-yard season. "It's just that they haven't had to. People say LT has lost something, but there's some plays where it certainly doesn't look like it. The only thing he's done is make a bad music video. Other than that, he's still a pretty good football

With a smile, Pettine said he saw Tomlinson's "Electric Glide" video a couple days ago (watch the video below). When someone suggested it seemed "cheesy," Pettine said, "That's a good word for it."

Alert for the controversial angle leading up to Saturday's playoff meeting, another reporter said to Pettine, "So, you're okay with 'Pettine takes shot at LT'?

"In regard to his music video? Absolutely," Pettine laughed. "Nothing on the field."

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