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Milliner's contract details

Dee Milliner of the Alabama Crimson holds up

Dee Milliner of the Alabama Crimson holds up a jersey on stage after he was picked ninth overall by the Jets in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. (April 25, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

CORTLAND -- Offset language seemed to be the appeared the sticking point between the Jets and Dee Milliner’s reps. But after weeks of negotiations, both sides agreed to terms on a deal Sunday.

According to’s Ian Rapoport, Milliner’s rookie contract is for four years, $12.66 million fully guaranteed. The cornerback will receive a signing bonus of $7.588 million -- with payouts of $5 million by Aug. 15, $2.338 million by Oct. 15 and $250,000 by March 15.

Milliner will be paid the minimum base salary each season.

Per Rapoport, if the rookie’s on the preseason roster in 2014, he’ll earn a roster bonus of $485,505 – and that dollar amount jumps to $971,010 in 2015. If Milliner’s on the preseason roster in 2016, he’ll earn $1,456,424.

The deal also include offset.

Offset language is used to prevent NFL players from double-dipping. If a player is released by his current team, any of the guaranteed money that hasn’t yet been paid is offset by the money he’d potentially receive from the next team that signs him.) 

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