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Move over Schotty, here comes Chez

Mark Sanchez calls signals at the line of

Mark Sanchez calls signals at the line of scrimmage. (Aug. 27, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

The Jets will have a new offensive coordinator calling the plays at some point during Thursday's preseason finale against the Eagles.

Here's a hint: He wears No. 6 and all the girls love him.

So when you see Mark Sanchez, who won't play one snap, standing on the Lincoln Financial Field sidelines wearing a baseball cap and holding a walkie talkie and a huge play sheet, you'll know that it is indeed the second-year signal caller determining what the offense will run next.

"We're going to have him call plays this time," Rex Ryan said this afternoon, "and I think that will give him a different dynamic to quote Brian Billick, which we use for everything. It doesn't make sense here, but we'll throw it out there."

Ryan hasn't decided exactly how long Sanchez will assume Brian Schottenheimer's responsibilities. Perhaps a quarter or so. Or maybe less. It all depends.

Having a player or two call the plays is something Ryan picked up from Billick during their days together with the Ravens. Billick used to do that with the defense all the time in his nine-season tenure.

"We'd have Ed Reed call them, Ray [Lewis] call them," Ryan said. "Ray always pressured, Ed always covered."

"The first time we ever did it was with Ray and Ed because they thought they were 'D' " coordinators," Ryan added. "So we actually let them call a series. We were playing the Redskins and we let them call a series when they were on the field. The team was no huddling and all that kind of stuff. It was a Chinese fire drill. It was hilarious. They kept looking over and we're like, 'No, you've got it.' I just sat there like this because they were all questioning me like they always do. I'm like, 'No, no, You've got it. Go ahead.' "

OK, so what happened?

"It was brutal," Ryan said. "They went right down the field and scored on us. They came back and said, 'That's it, that's it. You call it.' I'm like, 'You sure?' I had them admit that it wasn't as easy as they thought."

That's when Ryan resumed the playcalling duties.

"Of course," he cracked, "Washington went down and scored again." 

But what if things work out differently this time and Sanchez does a solid job of calling the plays? May he become the NFL's first quarterback/offensive coordinator? Or better yet, will there be a ground swell of support for him to swap duties with Schottenheimer?

"Let's switch Sanchez and Schotty," Ryan said. "Eh, we all saw Schotty play quarterback. Maybe not. Let's not go for that deal."

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