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Muhammad Wilkerson OK with ejection, not OK with referees in Green Bay game

The Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson reacts as he walks

The Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson reacts as he walks off the field after being ejected from the game after a fight during the second half of a game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014, in Green Bay, Wis. Credit: AP / Tom Lynn

Muhammad Wilkerson apologized again for his on-field antics and ejection Sunday in Green Bay. But the star defensive end believes the officials also played a part in the Jets' 31-24 loss to the Packers.

"They threw the penalties on me and Sheldon [Richardson]. No penalties were thrown on them, but that's what happens," Wilkerson said on WFAN Tuesday. "You're the visiting team, it's us against everybody in that stadium -- including the refs."

Wilkerson and Richardson were involved in a skirmish that broke out in the end zone after a two-point conversion by the Packers in the third quarter. Richardson was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. So was Wilkerson, who also was tossed out of the game for throwing punches.

The leader of the Jets' defense raised his arms and smiled at the jeering crowd as he was escorted off the field by two police officers.

"Just coming off the field, Green Bay fans were cheering me on just because I got kicked out of the game. I was already in a bad spot, so I didn't want to do anything else to make it even worse on myself," said Wilkerson, whose only other ejection came as a rookie in a 2011 preseason game against the Giants.

While he accepted responsibility for his actions -- "That was a consequence, so I had to suffer for it," he said -- Wilkerson noted the penalty flags were one-sided Sunday.

He was asked if he was surprised no penalties were called on the Packers after Richardson had his helmet ripped off during the fracas.

"I was shocked by it,'' Wilkerson said. "But then again, Rex Ryan told us it was our sideline versus everybody in that stadium, including the refs. There's nothing we can do about that.

"You could see how the game went. Those guys were holding us up front. [Jason] Babin, on one rush, got pushed into Aaron [Rodgers], they called roughing the passer. Babin got tackled one play, trying to chase down Aaron -- no holding call. It is what it is."

Wilkerson also claimed there was a late whistle on David Harris' third-quarter interception, which was negated because Damon Harrison was the 12th defensive player on the field.

"On film, we see 'Snacks' [Harrison] off the field and once David Harris gets the INT, that's when the ref throws the flag," Wilkerson said. "So if he knew he was going to throw the flag, he should have thrown it right away, before the ball was even snapped."

However, game replay shows Harrison hadn't made it to the Jets' sideline before the snap, and that the flag was thrown prior to Harris' pick.

Wilkerson added that players have to be focused on what happens between the lines, and not on how the officials are calling a game.

The Jets realize they squandered a big opportunity.

"We all know we should have won that game. Unfortunately, we didn't," Wilkerson said. "We just need to learn from it and move on . . . Those little mistakes, as you can see, they can cost us."

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