Newsday's Tom Rock spoke with Jets legend Joe Namath earlier today. Here's a snippet of what Namath had to say:

Joe Namath is not guaranteeing a Jets win. Not this week. But he does see many similarities in attitudes between the team heading to Indianapolis for Sunday's AFC title game against the Colts and his 1968 team that beat the Colts in Super Bowl III.

"I believe the Jets feel the way we felt at the time: 'Don't be telling us we can't do something.'" Namath told Newsday on Wednesday. "They're continuing to prove that with the last couple of games on the road and the way they've grown as a team. You've got to believe in their growth and their experience and the efficiency they perform with for the most part.

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"I know this team can win," Namath added. "They've proven that."

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