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NYC radio personality defends 'Taser' dad, blames Rex & MetLife security

Memorial flag for September 11 prior to the

Memorial flag for September 11 prior to the Dallas Cowboys at the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. (Sept. 11, 2011) Photo Credit: Lee S. Weissman

Turns out the man arrested for allegedly using an illegal stun gun in a fight during the Jets’ season opener against the Cowboys is the father of Charlamagne tha God, a morning radio show personality for Power 105.1FM’s “The Breakfast Club.”

On Tuesday morning, the radio personality addressed the incident involving his father -- 59-year-old Leroy McKelvey -- in the morning show segment called “Donkey of the Day,” in which the hosts highlight individuals (including celebrities) who, in their opinion, have done something stupid. Once the individual has been named, the hosts play a recording of a donkey.

Charlamagne disputed the claim that his father snuck the weapon into the stadium on-air and also said his father was not at fault for the incident. Instead, he placed the blame on MetLife Stadium security, the Marine he claims started the altercation with his dad and Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

“If you haven’t heard, my father, Larry McKelvey -- not Leroy McKelvey.* I don’t even know who that is. Or MacKilvy -- was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with weapons possession charges because he had a Taser at the Jets game on Sunday,” he said. “The million dollar question is how did he get a Taser into MetLife Stadium? I’ll tell you how: on his hip. See, he’s from Moncks Corner, S.C., so keeping pepper spray on your keychain or a pocketknife or a Taser on your hip isn’t a big deal. That’s what country folk do. He didn’t think nothing of it and obviously neither did security at MetLife Stadium who did the pat-down because they let him in with it. He didn’t sneak it in, it was right on his hips.

“So you mean to tell me on the anniversary of 9/11, high-level threat of terrorism, former President George W. Bush in the building, all this alleged heightened security and my father was allowed to just walk in with a Taser? Give MetLife security the first “Hee-haw” please.”

It is against state law for anyone, even police officers, to possess a stun gun, said Sgt. Julian Castelleanos of the New Jersey State Police said Tuesday afternoon. And although MetLife Stadium President & CEO Mark Lamping said in a statement that McKelvey was carrying “an illegal taser the size of a small cell phone in his pocket,” Castellanos could not confirm whether the electroshock weapon was in fact a Taser -- which is a specific brand that can be used from a distance.

Charlamagne later blasted Ryan on-air for creating a “hostile environment” when he told Dallas fans not to show up at the stadium in Cowboys gear. Though the Jets coach took the comment back, Charlamagne said “the seed was planted.”

“It’s bad enough already when you mix passion for your sports team with alcohol, but when you have the coach of the franchise putting more fuel on the fire by saying I don’t recommend fans come to the game wearing Cowboys stuff, like, Rex Ryan, what are you, a leader of a gang? That’s like the leader of a gang saying, ‘I better not catch you in this neighborhood with the wrong color on.’

“It is all right as Americans to come to a game and root for the visiting team without fear. So for creating an overly hostile environment, Rex Ryan, you get a ‘Hee-haw.’"

Charlamagne, who posted his father's $22,500 bail, also said the Taser incident was caused by a Marine who did not allow his father to pass through the aisle to go to the restroom. According to reports, the Marine was angered that Charlamagne’s father did not stand during the National Anthem, but the radio personality said his father was raised a Jehovah’s Witness so “that’s his religious right.”

Charlamagne said the cellphone video of the fight, which was posted online Monday by Deadspin, clearly shows his father was being attacked.

“In fact, I’m glad he had his Taser,” the morning show host said. “I believe everything happens for a reason, and there’s a reason MetLife security didn’t notice he had a Taser because a higher power absolutely knew there was going to be some jerks in the stands who would assault him. And further more, when you see the video and you see my father on the ground surrounded by Jets fans, then you will understand why I’m glad he had his Taser because he probably could have gotten seriously hurt.”

You can listen to the clip in its entirety here.

(*Police records show McKelvey's given name is Leroy. He goes by the alias “Larry.”)


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