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Oregon OLB/DE Dion Jordan to undergo surgery

INDIANAPOLIS – Dion Jordan will undergo surgery on a torn labrum next week in Los Angeles.

The Oregon OLB/ DE – one of the top defensive players this year's NFL draft and a potential target for the Jets at No. 9 – said he likely will spend 3-4 months rehabbing.

“I’m going to attack my rehab after surgery just as hard as I did before, just to make sure I’m able to show up to camp and compete with the other guys,” he said from behind the podium Saturday.

Jordan said he suffered the injury against Colorado on Oct. 5 when he tried to arm-tackle someone “and got the worst of it.” But he quickly noted he missed just once game.

“I feel like it shows my toughness; that I finished the season, I stayed through it with my team and I made sure I led as a senior,” he said. “As a leader of our team, it shows I’m willing to win and do what it takes to compete.”

Jordan -- who began his career as a receiver, before switching to tight end and then defensive end – said his passion now is getting the quarterback any way he can. Jordan added that he would prefer to be used in a 3-4 alignment because “it’s the best spot to utilize my athleticism.”

But Jordan, whose playing weight at Oregon was 240, knows there are parts of his game he has to improve – most importantly, his strength and getting to the next level.

Referring to the NFL, he said: “It’s the big boy game.” 

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