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Patrick Chewing anyone?

Braylon Edwards feels your pain, Jets fans.

The wide receiver obviously spent the first part of his four-plus seasons playing off the shores of Lake Erie as a Cleveland Brown, a fan base he said is similar to that of the Jets. With the chance to punch their playoff ticket with a win, some Jets fans are bracing for the old Charlie Brown-Lucy act, waiting for someone to pull the ball from right in front of them.

But Edwards claims there won't be any slipping on a banana peel come Sunday night, when the Jets need to beat the Bengals to clinch a playoff spot and calm the frayed nerves of a fan base that's been set up many times, only to have their hearts ripped out.

Edwards channeled his inner Patrick Ewing earlier in the locker room, basically guaranteeing the Jets will emerge victorious versus the Bengals in likely the final game at the Meadowlands.

"We won’t lose this game," Edwards said before repeating it again. "We won’t lose this game. We want it too bad. You can just talk to guys and get a feel. If you listen to Rex’s conviction when he talks to us, guys are serious about winning this game. Guys aren’t talking about New Year’s Eve, guys aren’t talking about family. All guys are talking about is playoffs, all guys are talking about is beating Cincinnati. So I’m convinced that this team is 100 percent in.

"So I don't think we can lose this game from the mind set we have right now, the attitude we have, I just don’t see it."


CB Darrelle Revis, fresh off making the Pro Bowl as a starter for the first time, was sent home after showing up with an unspecified illness.

As expected, CB Donald Strickland (quad) didn't practice.


RB Thomas Jones and FB Tony Richardson were both held out of practice by Rex Ryan today, not because they couldn't go though. Ryan gave the two a day off last Wednesday as well with hopes of keeping the two 30-somethings fresh, and figured he'd do it again since Jones and the Jets' ground game got things going on Sunday when the rushing attack ran for 203 yards.

Jones is fourth in the NFL in rushing with 1,324 yards and is 12 away from breaking his career single-season mark. He was snubbed in not making the Pro Bowl and is only a first alternate, meaning he'll step in if one of the three AFC running backs ahead of him --Tennessee's Chris Johnson, Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew and Baltimore's Ray Rice -- don't play.

But Jones wasn't bothered he didn't make the squad.

"Nah, because I don’t play for that," he said. "A lot of guys, that's their main goal -- make the Pro Bowl, which is a great accomplishment. But for me, it’s about winning and the most important thing to me is this game coming up because we have an opportunity to get into the playoffs, which I haven’t been in the playoffs in a couple of years. I think that feeling is much more powerful than any individual accomplishment, is being in the playoffs, being one of so few teams to have an opportunity to play for a Super Bowl.


During our conference call with Chad Ochocinco, I asked him who would win a trash talking battle between him and LB Bart Scott, who's been known to say a thing or three. The two obviously are very familiar from their days since they played each other twice a season while both residing in the AFC North.

"Bart is pretty cool," Ochocinco said. "I think he better keep his talking to a minimum because I’ll hit him in the mouth Sunday. I’ll hit him in the mouth and I’m not playing. I know he takes a lot of things I say as a joke and I’ll be playing. I’m not playing this time because I’m playing for something else. I’ll hit him in the mouth, helmet on or helmet off. I’ll take that fine."

Scott's response?

"I’ve had a lot of experience with Chad, war of words, back and forth," Scott said. "I’m not going to give him what he wants this time. He wants us to entertain the country for a week. This week is about business, not jokes, not no funny clips and titles and all that stuff."


WR/KR Brad Smith was named the AFC's special teams player of the week after his 106-yard kickoff return, which was the longest play in franchise history.

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