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Pettine: Effort versus Raiders well below our standards

Head coach Rex Ryan, left, talks with Jets

Head coach Rex Ryan, left, talks with Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine during a June minicamp. Photo Credit: Joe Epstein.

As one might imagine, Mike Pettine wasn't the least bit pleased with the way his unit performed in Sunday's 34-24 meltdown in Oakland. 

"That was well below our standards," the defensive coordinator said today. "I know Rex [Ryan] has already touched on that. Sometimes you can handle some technique mistakes, sometimes guys are just going against somebody that’s better and coming up short. But when it’s a mental error or whether it’s a guy just being lackadaisical or it’s an effort thing, those are the things that we consider unacceptable.

"We have our standards of play, and when we don’t play up to them, to an effort standpoint, that’s the most troubling and that was certainly something that we talked about on Monday when we watched the tape."

Darren McFadden ran wild, racking up 171 of Oakland’s 234 yards rushing yards and scoring a pair of touchdowns, including that 70-yarder that made the Jets look really silly and has been on an endless replay loop all week. The Jets also surrendered five first downs by penalty, this of course despite the Raiders going 0-for-8 on third-down conversions.

"It was one where there were some plays when guys weren't going to the ball like our trademark is," Pettine said. "We tell our guys, just because you have the decal on, there’s nothing magical about it. It’s how we practice and the mentality we take. And the disappointing thing is for all the time we put in this. We only get a set number of opportunities to go out there and compete.

"So much time, so much prep is put into one game," he added, "and to waste a game defensively like that and not play to our standards is obviously disappointing."

Pettine seemed frustrated because he thought the Jets had a good week of practice and preparation leading up to the game.

"Puzzling is another word that comes to mind," he said. "It’s every once in a while that happens. I compared it to the Miami game from two years ago. When again, we had a great week of practice, went down there and just laid an egg defensively, just made no impact plays in the game. And you look at this one, it was very similar.

"We had no interceptions, we didn’t cause any fumbles. The only sack we had was when the quarterback tripped and fell and we touched him. So as far as impact plays, we didn’t make any. And again, that goes against our M.O."

Bart Scott offered his unique perspective on why the Jets defense went belly up.

"I just think guys were lethargic," the linebacker said. "We usually have a good system and we usually feel good about how we travel to the West Coast. But I think collectively as a group, it was just one of those weird days. You didn’t know what time to eat, what was the best time to eat. Generally, when you play and it’s a 1 o’clock game, you pop up, you eat, you use the fuel for that game.

"Sometimes when you play at 4 o’clock, it’s a little bit more difficult because you eat too early, you are not hungry to eat the carb load and do what you need to do to get ready for a game. Sometimes that’s the weirdness of night games and that’s the weirdness of afternoon games. But with that being said, we’ve all done it before and we all prepared that way.

"But it was one of those things, traveling to the West Coast. We all did what we wanted to do as far as hydrating and getting rest and staying on the same schedule, but I think collectively everybody kind of felt weird."


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