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'Pistol' will be part of Jets game, says QB coach David Lee

Jets quarterbacks Geno Smith, left, and Mark Sanchez

Jets quarterbacks Geno Smith, left, and Mark Sanchez during training camp. (Aug. 5, 2013) Credit: Hans Pennink

Rex Ryan has already said the Jets will use the Wildcat this season.

Despite the massive miscalculation of having Tim Tebow facilitate the formation last season, the Jets now have the Wildcat guru under their own roof: quarterbacks coach David Lee.

But Lee happens to have something else up his sleeve: the Pistol offense.

“You haven’t seen it at practice yet, but we’ve got a little bit of that in there,” the position coach said Thursday, adding that, while he was in Miami, the Dolphins used some "lead-option, speed-option" with quarterback Pat White.

“We haven’t really hid it much," Lee said of the Jets, "but we’ve got another game. We may utilize some of it here before too long.”

As for the Wildcat, expect to see lots of it if opposing defenses aren't prepared.

"You just kind of want to have it to see if somebody’s got an answer for it," Lee said. "If they don’t have an answer (and) they haven’t worked on it, we can pound it up in there a little bit. If they’ve got some answers, you get away from it quickly.

"It’s all been installed. We know what we’re doing with it. We know who the people are that are going to be in the positions to execute it. So I feel good about having it. I think the biggest thing is it makes other people stop what they’re doing and prepare something totally different. It takes time away from our base offense. That’s one of the greatest advantages of it. We feel good about it, yeah." 

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