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Polamalu “doubtful” for Sunday

Believe it or not, Dustin Keller wants to see Troy Polamalu step onto the grass surface of Heinz Field.

The Jets tight end knows not having to face Pittsburgh’s nomadic safety is a luxury his team needs right now. But still, there's that part of him that wants to defeat the Steelers at full strength.

Polamalu is listed as "doubtful" for Sunday's game after aggravating a lower leg injury. He suffered the injury while running an interception back for a touchdown during last week’s win over Cincinnati.

“If he’s not out there, you take away a guy that’s basically out there doing his own thing,” Keller said. “…When he’s out there, it’s always a guess as to what he’s doing so it makes it very hard to cover him up. If he’s not playing it’ll be to our advantage, but as a competitor, you hope he is.”

Braylon Edwards called Polamalu “one of the best in the league, if not the best doing it.”

“He’s a special player and does special things,” the Jets receiver added. “The things that he’s allowed to do, nobody else in the league has that freedom to just roam around, make plays, blitz when he wants to. So it changes a lot for them. But they could have five or six missing starters, if we don’t execute or if we don’t do the things we’re coached to do or the things we’re designed to do against these guys, it doesn’t matter if he plays or not.”

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