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Quick hits from practice

Jets linebacker Calvin Pace looks on in an

Jets linebacker Calvin Pace looks on in an undated file photo. Credit: Getty Images

Here's some quick hits from today's locker room access...

Rex Ryan
Would the Jets consider adding a veteran wide receiver? “I feel pretty good about Chaz. It’s unfortunate it’s an injury. The way Mike [Tannenbaum] runs the organization, you always do what’s in the best interest of your team. If we can add a kicker to help our team, you would look at doing that. We have a responsibility to this organization and our fan base to always do that. Sometimes we get criticized: “You’re looking at this guy.” When 500 guys get cut, Mike and his guys will know something about each one of them. And if there’s somebody on that list we feel can help our team, we’ll definitely consider it.”

Will there be any personnel packages that have Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow on the field together in the preason? “I think what we’ll do is we’ll go with Mark and then when it’s time we’ll put Tebow in to close out the games. That’s what we’ll do. Do I see them in there together? No, I don’t see that.”

Calvin Pace
On the Jets’ defense picking up the offense: “Ideally, I’d love for them to go out and score 40 or 50 points a game. But I don’t know, I don’t play offense. I wasn’t cut out for that. But they’ll be fine. And if they do have some hiccups along the way, that’s what we’re here for. Just let it all hang out and we’ve got your back. I think a big thing for us is getting turnovers and trying to get the ball to them in the best field position possible. Let them get a quick 14 [points] and get their confidence up.”

Kenrick Ellis
The progress of the defensive line: “I think we’re getting better as a group and [defensive line coach Karl] Dunbar is stepping things up for us. We want to make strides as a group and get more pressure on the quarterback this year… [Quinton Coples] is looking really good. Him and Damon Harrison, they’re starting to get the concept of the scheme really well and they’re competing hard. It’s gonna be a good year for us.”

How much of a pass rush can be expected from down linemen in a 3-4 scheme? “We’re gonna do different things. We shouldn’t have to [rely only on] blitzing for pressure. We have to be technically sound and use our hands. I’ve been working on using my hands better and staying low to get that push.”

Ellis’ reaction to not being suspended by the NFL: “It’s a relief. It’s like I’m chipping away, just chipping away. It’s a burden off me and it’s less I have to worry about. I can really just focus on football.”

Chaz Schilens
Frustration with being sidelined with the high ankle sprain: “It’s just something that happens in football and it’s getting better every day. I’m pushing it every day as much as I can. When the doctors and trainers tell me it’s good enough to go, I’ll be back out there. It hasn’t gone exactly how I want, but I think I’ve done some good stuff when I’m in there. All I can do is keep plugging away.”


Santonio Holmes practiced (though he wore the red jersey again) and made some nice plays. In particular, there was a well-run corner route from the flanker position on which Holmes made a leaping catch on a high pass from Tim Tebow and came down with his tip-toes in bounds.

“He looked great; he looked good,” Schilens said. “Obviously it helps out Mark. I’m sure it’s a day-by-day progression for him, but he’s happy to be back out there.”

The Jets’ Mask-ot
During practice, Jets fan Daniel Cruz stood on the sideline cheering loudly. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Except he was wearing a sliver Mexican Lucha libre wrestling mask.

Umm... Why?

“Last year I wanted to get attention to make sure I got the mask signed,” Cruz, a Little Ferry resident, said. “I got it signed after being a loudmouth – but in a good way.”

Linebacker Bart Scott autographed the mask and added his then-popular catchphrase, “Can’t wait!” So Cruz wore it again this year in hopes of getting some more signatures. Near the end of the practice, he began calling to players by name and trying to ignite random cheers. e.g. “Make some noise for the replacement refs!” That didn’t get much traction and one player – it sounded like Scott, but he later insisted it wasn’t him – yelled, “Shut up.”

“It’s all good,” Cruz said. “He (Scott) did the same thing last year, then he signed it.”

The 32-year-old became a Jets fan three years ago, he said. Before that he was… wait for it… a Cowboys fan. “But I got tired of Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ antics,” Cruz said. He said he hopped aboard the Jets bandwagon after they drafted Mark Sanchez. “Hence the Mexican wrestling mask,” he said. “But don’t call me Nacho.”

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