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Quinton Coples gets hit with fine ... again

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne is tackled by

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne is tackled by Jets defensive end Quinton Coples during the second half. (Dec. 9, 2012) Credit: AP

Quinton Coples is finally hitting his stride, according to Rex Ryan. But the rookie defensive end also is getting hit in the pocket quite a bit.

Coples was fined $15,750 by the NFL for a roughing the passer penalty during the Jets' 14-10 loss to the Titans on Monday night. The lineman also was fined for facemasking quarterback Chad Henne in the Jets' win over the Jaguars.

Coples' two-week fine total is $30,750.

As for the rookie's play on the field, Ryan said he thinks Coples will be a big fixture in their future plans.

"I think now, he’s kind of hitting his stride a little bit," the coach said of his first-round draft pick. "He’s more familiar with expectations here, how we do things. And then we try to use him multiple ways, I think that initially might have hurt him but I think now it’s helped him. We’re able to take advantage of the type of skill that he has. But I think going forward, this is going to be a guy that’s going to be obviously a huge part of what we do in the future. And I think it’s rare to get a guy with his kind of height, weight, speed.

"Now, you watch him on the practice field, and I’m sure you guys have noticed it as well as I have, he’s a different player on the practice field now. I mean, he’s really learned how to practice. I think that was something that sometimes takes time, but you’re seeing it, I know I’m seeing it, as the year goes on. I mean, he’s flying around for loose footballs, he’s running around all the time, his technique is getting much better.

"But if there’s one thing that he’s really going to have to improve on, I think maybe playing the run, his technique in playing the run sometimes, I think that’s an area where he can really improve. I think he’s made strides in that area, but I think he can get much better at that as well.

In other fine-related news, Jordan Babineaux of the Titans was fined $7,875 for facemasking Jets running back Bilal Powell in the first quarter of Monday night's game.

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