Ines Sainz said last night she was not upset by the behavior of Jets players in their locker room Saturday, but the reporter for the Mexican network TV Azteca said she did feel "uncomfortable.''

"Yes, it was a somewhat uncomfortable moment in the way they were talking about you and they are joking about your person,'' she said in heavily accented but clear English during the Ravens-Jets game at New Meadowlands Stadium.

"But I must say they don't faze me to say anything provocative. They don't say anything bad direct to me. Probably the rest of the media heard but I didn't. I only know that it's an uncomfortable place to be, but I only focus on my job.''

While Sainz waited to interview Mark Sanchez, some Jets players made note of her presence with hoots and catcalls.

Earlier, during practice, some had intentionally run routes near her as she stood on the sideline.

She was taken aback by the attention the incident received, landing her on the front pages of both the New York Post and Daily News Monday.

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"I think 'upset' mustn't be the word,'' she said of her emotions Saturday. "What I feel is probably they overreacted in the locker room when they saw a woman, and that is a bad thing.

"But I think it's not so strong that it looks like.''

Sainz said she plans to take no further action, leaving the matter in the hands of the Jets and the NFL.

"If they decide that someone needs to be punished, it's OK,'' she said. "If they decide that no one needs to be punished, it's OK. I leave it in their hands.''

Both the Jets and the NFL are investigating.

"We're still gathering the facts,'' commissioner Roger Goodell said, "but everybody is taking this issue very seriously.''

Jets owner Woody Johnson said: "We are taking it very seriously. We want to make sure all of our reporters are comfortable, in whatever environment they are in, whether it's on the field, in the locker room, wherever.''

Sainz said she appreciated that Johnson called Sunday to apologize on behalf of the team.

Bruce Speight, the Jets' media relations chief, spoke to the players about proper behavior around the news media at a team meeting Sunday night.


The Jets also plan to arrange a seminar for players with the Association for Women in Sports Media.