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Revis "eager" to get a crack at Johnson

Ask anyone in the Jets locker room about Calvin Johnson and you’ll hear one compliment after another.

“That kid’s got it all in one package,” head coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday.

“He can take the ball from a defender at any time,” added cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

Fellow cornerback Darrelle Revis has heard all the comparisons made of Johnson – some think he’s like Baltimore’s Anquan Boldin, others consider him to be more like Houston’s Andre Johnson, and Ryan believes he's similar to Miami’s Brandon  – only faster.

But Revis has yet to witness Johnson’s talent’s up close. He knows the all particulars – the 6-5, 236-pound receiver is big, fast and physical. But just how good Johnson is -- as far as Revis can tell -- remains to be seen.

“I’ll have to tell you guys that after the game,” the cornerback said with a smile.

Revis acknowledged he's "eager" to face Johnson one-on-one, but said "it’s up to Rex."

“It’s Rex’s call," he said. "He’s my coach and I go from there.”

The cornerback also said he sometimes has input on how he specifically covers receivers. Sometimes he doesn't.

When asked about the anticipated Revis-Johnson matchup, Ryan told reporters, “They’ll be times when he’s not, but he’ll generally be lined up on Calvin Johnson."

Cromartie confirmed the strategy.

“I think Revis will follow him around,” he said. “I think that’s the game plan to have him on Mr. Megatron.”

Neither he nor Revis had any idea how Johnson got the moniker (though offensive lineman  Damien Woody claims he came up with it). But regardless of which Jets cornerback is asked to contain Johnson, they each know they can't take their eyes off him.

“He’s a deep-ball threat kind of guy who can just jump up in general and get the ball,” said Cromartie. “(Matthew) Stafford’s a good quarterback, a young quarterback that believes in Calvin and will throw it up to him and makes sure he’ll go up there and make a play.”


In other news: LB David Harris did not participate in practice after injuring his lower back while lifting Wednesday morning. Ryan said he expects Harris to return soon.

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